Super Junior K-pop star Kangin quits amid rumors and accusations

Kangin, the famous K-pop star quits Super Junior amid rumors and accusations

Amidst a series of rumors and accusations, K-pop sensation, Kangin finally quits his band, Super Junior. Although, the news has disheartened almost every member and fan of Super Junior, but Kangin remains firm in his decision.

The reasons behind Kangin’s expected exit

Kangin, the famous K-pop star quits Super Junior amid rumors and accusations

Picture: Korean Pop

The 34-years old instrumentalist singer, took to Instagram and announced the saddening news of his departure from the group. It’s been for 14 long years, since Kangin first joined the group in 2005.

He was there to take the fall in the band’s greatest setbacks. People duly inclined on him to produce the group’s most massive hits. And now, his own fate has led him to seek a withdrawal from the group.

It was the winter night of November, 2017 that changed the whole coarse of Kangin’s life. He was accused of involvement in a brawl at a bar. The whole incident was evidenced by her own female acquaintance.

Since then, he has been on a hiatus, all aloof without further involvements with group’s activities.

Kangin returned to Instagram after a 8 month intimidating time lapse, for announcing his exit from the super group.

Please, mark the date of July 11 as the black day in Super Junior’s controversial History.

Kangin’s apology letter

Super Junior member Kangin has announced that he is leaving the group from kpop

The letter stated as :

Hello. This is Kangin from Super Junior. It’s been a long time since I’ve presented myself between you guys. It takes a toll on my heart, to announce a not so good news to you all. And after a long debate with my heavy heart, I am writing this letter to you.

As of this moment, I have decided to let go of ‘Super Junior’ from my life.

I’ve always felt apology toward my members for I have caused a great deal of inconvenience to them. I have made them suffer due to my own problems. But their kind hearts have cheered me all along on the way. I cannot watch them suffer for something they have not even done. That is why, I am finally arriving at my decision of quitting.

More than anything, I am full of apology toward E.L.F for the overflowing love that you always sent me for the past 14 years.

I may never express my gratitude towards my team and other fellow members. It may sound late but I just want to express my heartly gratitude towards them.

I want to sincerely thank my band members and label’s staff for their utmost love and respect towards me.
I wish the other members of Super Juniors with the best of success in their lives.
Thank You


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