Kat Dennings And Andrew W.K. Engagement News: Where Does The Singer’s Marriage To Cherie Lily Stand?

Kat Dennings Andrew W K
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Kat Dennings, who played the role of Darcy Lewis in Thor, is now officially engaged. The 2 Broke Girls actress and rock singer Andrew WK confirmed the rumors that they were in a romantic relationship.

The love birds recently announced their engagement. And that caused some confusion among fans, since the singer is married to Cherie Lily. Not many people know where their marriage currently stands. So, let’s see what impact his first marriage has on this new engagement.

Kat Dennings Engaged!

In nearly identical posts on Instagram, singer Andrew W.K. and WandaVision actress Kat Dennings announced that they’d gotten engaged. Dennings proudly showed off her sparkling diamond engagement ring in each of the three photos the couple posted.

News of the engagement has no doubt come as a surprise to many. And not just because W.K. and Dennings are such a new couple. The duo only revealed their romance less than two weeks before. There’s also the matter of Cherie Lily, who married W.K. in 2008. Even when news of Dennings and W.K.’s romance broke, some confused fans had questions about the status of the singer’s marriage to Lily. There’d been little hint that anything was amiss between the spouses.

Andrew W. K. Cherie Lily

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Andrew W.K. And Cherie Lily’s Relationship Status

recent press release from W.K. has revealed that the singer and Lily began amicable divorce proceedings in late 2019. This clears the way for his new romance with Dennings. It’s a relief to learn that W.K. isn’t planning to wed one woman while he’s still married to another.

This engagement might seem like it happened fast, but there’s no telling when Dennings and WK’s relationship began. They only publicly acknowledged the romance a few weeks back. However, the couple could have started dating anytime in the last year or so. Dennings mentioned that she was single in a February podcast appearance. Although, she very well may have chosen to keep it under wraps at the time.

Kat Dennings Andrew W K

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Due to the pandemic, the stars had the perfect opportunity to keep their relationship away from prying eyes. It’s nice that they finally feel comfortable enough to share their happy news with the rest of the world. We wish these crazy kids all the best as they enter a new chapter in their lives!

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