Kate Hudson has zero regrets for Nude Photoshoot controversy

Kate Hudson confronts the topic of her controversial nude-Photoshoot!

Controversies can take place even when you are practically doing every thing that it takes to avoid them. So rather than worrying about what people will think, worry about if you shall be able to handle its ramifications. Kate Hudson appears to be following this mantra as well. For when asked about her not-so-old controversial magazine cover, she boldly said that she holds no regrets regarding the same! Way to go Kate Hudson! Way to go!

Kate Hudson confronts the topic of her controversial nude-Photoshoot!

Kate’s controversial photoshoot is not a regret for her!
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Kate Hudson’s point-of-view:

Kate Hudson recently came into spotlight, when her nude InStyle cover got banned in certain shops. the problematic shoo seemed to have garnered a lot of attention, however not for any good reason! When the Almost Famous actress attended the magazine’s 25th anniversary the topic of the controversial photos surfaced.

One would have thought that she will avoid the question or just let it slide away with a vague answer as response. Any-other star would have done that, but not Kate Hudson, she stood up and cleared her stand regarding the matter! Well, it was more like telling people she loved getting naked!

Yes, yes I am not exaggerating fellow-mates. Neither am I twisting her words to make it sound like that. She said it herself. The actress laughed as she talked about the controversial nude-photoshoot. Stating the fact that she has no regrets about it!

What did she exactly say ?

Kate Hudson confronts the topic of her controversial nude-Photoshoot!

Kate Hudson
Source: People

Kate Hudson said that even though certain shops and establishments banned the magazine, still many got sold. then she went on informing the masses that she loves taking off her clothes! She said

To be honest, it doesn’t take a lot for me to take my clothes off. People can say whatever they want, but I like being naked. Always have!’

Well, not all are born to be saints, right?

The recently 40 turned actress, Kate Hudson even shared her feelings regarding the phase of life she is currently living. Kate Hudson said that by the time someone reaches the 40’s phase of life they have a bunch of wisdom with them. It feels good to have some years under your belt, like you know a lot of things by this time!

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