Kate Middleton, Prince William Fights Over their Fourth Child, Divorce on the Cards?

prince william kate middleton divorce rumors

Kate Middleton and Prince William may look all lovey-dovey in front of the world but no one knows what’s happening behind the closed doors. The divorce rumors of the Royal Couple were on fire last year when it was reported that Prince William has been cheating on Kate Middleton with her friend Rose Hambury.

But it was too bad for the image of the Royal Family and the Queen of England and hence they somehow avoided it. It looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton’s divorce is on the cards again as the couple has been fighting over the possible birth of their fourth child.

The Duke and Duchess Wants Another Baby?

The Duke and Duchess Wants Another Baby

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Sussex has many times said that she loves kids and a fourth kid will be always welcomed into the family. But it could be just PR thing as pregnancy period is not easier for women and giving birth to four children can also impact their health.

Further, Kate would have to stay inside the Palace and avoid going out very soon as the pregnancy months increases. It will give a chance to Prince William to roam freely without Kate and he could again cheat on her with other women. Hence, the rumors say that Kate Middleton has said no for another child, but the Duke has been reluctant and it could lead to a bigger outrage which possibly ends in a royal divorce.

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Reports

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Reports

Kate Middleton might not be pregnant at the moment, but rumors of her pregnancy are already making rounds in the UK tabloid and newspapers. There have been few gestures from yeh Duchess herself as not bending much and constantly touching her belly, but it could be just false alarms.

The Royal Couple never addresses such rumors as they have a special protocol in place to announce a pregnancy in their family. They would wait past 12 weeks of pregnancy to announce the same to the world and in the meantime, the divorce rumors could start swirling around as Prince William and Kate Middleton can’t seem to agree on their upcoming child.

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