Katie Holmes Baby Rumors: Is Katie pregnant with a Baby Girl?


Reports claim that Katie Holmes is pregnant with a baby girl? Is this really true? Let’s find out.

Katie Holmes’ Baby Bump

Tabloids claim that Suri is going to have a sister soon as her mother Katie is pregnant. Recently, the Batman Begins star was out in New York City. Apparently, Holmes showed off her baby bump. The tabloid also added a picture of Katie Holmes in a dress which was being jostled by the wind.

The source said that Katie Holmes has not dated anyone publicly after Jamie Foxx. This leads to a lot of questions about the father of Katie’s child. Who could it be?

Big sister Suri

Katie’s daughter Suri is very excited to meet the new baby. Sources claim that she has been asking Katie for a sibling since a long time.

Usually, the sex of a baby can only be determined after 14 weeks and the baby bump becomes clearly visible after 20 weeks.

Rumor or Real

Is Katie Holmes really pregnant? Sources not only claim that Katie Holmes is pregnant, but they also claim that she will have a baby girl. Well, these details will only be available to the family and close friends.

It is impossible for a tabloid to lay hands on this information. Clearly, this claim is false and bogus. Earlier in 2019, the tabloid has also made false claims that Katie Holmes was pregnant with Foxx’s child. Here we are a year later with no child and another fake story about Katie’s pregnancy.

The tabloid also claimed earlier that Katie was dating James Marsden, but there is no mention about it in this story.

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