Katie Holmes Baby Rumours: Actress Expecting Soon With Chef Boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr.?

Katie Holmes Emilio Vitolo Jr

Katie Holmes is in the news as there are rumours that she is pregnant. It’s only been a few months since Holmes was first seen out and about with celebrity chef Emilio Vitolo Jr, but now the hearsay is that she is expecting his child. 

Katie Holmes Boyfriend

Holmes’ New Chef Boyfriend Could Become A Dad

Katie has generally been known to avoid limelight when it came to relationships. Very little was known about her relationship when she was with Baby Driver actor Jamie Foxx. But that changed when the Batman Begins actress got together with Vitolo. Photos of their PDA-filled dates made the front pages of many tabloids.

Katie kissing Emilio

Now it is being reported that Katie and Emilio are set to have their first child soon. Apparently, Holmes has been wanting to have another child even when she was still in a relationship with Jamie Foxx. However, things didn’t work out back then.

Katie Holmes with Jamie Foxx

Whereas with her new chef boyfriend, things are different. Holmes’ wish of having another child is allegedly set come true pretty soon.

Katie Holmes Is Already Pregnant

Reportedly, a witness saw Holmes in Central park and observed that the actress was touching her stomach over and over again and was very cautious about where she stepped.

Allegedly, the way she moves was also very different from her usual energetic self. Additionally, Katie’s coat did not fit around her frame and she was struggling to keep it wrapped around her.

The only proof of all these allegations that Katie Holmes is pregnant was just an onlookers’ account. Furthermore, this witness has not been identified.

False Alarm

The Dawson’s Creek actress could simply be cautious because of the ongoing pandemic and may have subconsciously touched her stomach. It doesn’t mean that we jump to conclusions that she is pregnant. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Suri Cruise has no sibling so far.

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