Katie Holmes Breakup Rumors: Actress is Crying Hard after Split from Boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr.

Katie Holmes Breakup Rumors: Actress is Crying Hard after Split from Boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr.
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Katie Holmes and the rumors related to her breakup are now making rounds in the tabloids and gossip columns with claims that the actress is crying hard these days. As per the latest ‘New Idea’ magazine reports, Holmes was recently seen breaking down in New York City after her split from boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr.

The tabloid has added photos of Katie looking very stressed out as she does regular errands in the city. The photos show Holmes crying behind her mask and eating yogurt alone on the steps of a building. The reason why Katie Holmes is so sad and depressed is her breakup with Emilio Vitolo Jr. and here is the possible truth behind the reports.

Katie Holmes is Crying Hard after Breakup with Emilio Vitolo Jr.

Katie Holmes is crying hard and regretting her breakup with the Italian chef and thinking about how she made a huge mistake. Katie and Emilio were together for eight months before the actress called off the relationship.

As per the insider sources, Holmes thought that Vitolo was using her for her fame and she felt that something was wrong so she pulled away. Katie Holmes thinks that she did a huge mistake by breaking up and now she won’t find love again at this stage.

Katie Holmes Breakup Rumors and Real Truth

Katie Holmes breakup rumors and crying hard over it are totally fake and make no sense at all. The pictures can be deceiving and someone eating something alone in public doesn’t mean they are sad or depressed.

Also, Holmes has been seen wearing fashionable clothes and looking cheerful, which indicates that she is not crying hard over her breakup. The tabloids keep making false rumors about Katie Holmes such as the actress going broke and regretting her divorce, but none of them are true and fans should not believe in them.

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