Katie Holmes Pregnancy Rumors: Actress to raise Jamie Foxx’s Baby alone?


Last year, a source claimed that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were going to have a child. It was also rumored that Holmes would raise the child on her own. The tabloid claimed that the actress was “more than happy” to take care of the baby on her own. Foxx had messed up with Holmes and she didn’t want to be with him anymore.

Another insider published that Holmes was in love with Jamie. However, she doesn’t expect much from Foxx. She didn’t want to keep false expectations and push Foxx for something he was not capable of delivering. She was ready to keep the status quo and won’t force Foxx to settle down with her.

After her split with Tom Cruise, Holmes has taken care of their daughter Suri Cruise all by herself. So it won’t be a big deal for Katie if she had to take care of another child as a single mother.

Katie’s more than capable of being a single mom and raising two children by herself.

The source also claimed that Holmes has already prepared the nursery. The actress is convinced that she was going to have another girl and has also selected some baby names.

Furthermore, the source said,

In the meantime, Katie is all about staying healthy and relaxed while getting everything ready for the new arrival, who’s due in the New Year.

However, here we are a year later and there is no sign of a baby. A check with more credible sources proved that the story was made up and had no truth in it. Last year in Spring, Holmes and Foxx broke up. Holmes is definitely not pregnant with his child.

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