Katie Holmes Rumors: Actress asking money from Tom Cruise to overcome Financial Issues

Katie Holmes Rumors: Actress asking money from Tom Cruise to overcome Financial Issues
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Katie Holmes and the rumors related to her seems to be the favorite topic of tabloids and gossip columns. There are reports that Holmes is financially broke and has been asking for money from her ex-husband Tom Cruise. As per the ‘New Idea’ report last year, Katie was low on cash after the global shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic and had to swallow her pride and beg to Cruise for saving her from financial ruins.

The source adds that Katie has huge expenses and she is not earning any money from movies or TV series. Also, she is not even getting any endorsement deals and now she regrets not securing a huge divorce settlement from Tom Cruise. Here is more on Katie Holmes rumors of asking for money from Tom Cruise and the possible truth behind the reports.

Katie Holmes is asking Money from Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes has been living from paycheck to paycheck as she has a habit of spending money recklessly without doing any investment for the future. The actress had not starred in a successful movie since ‘Batman Begins’ and no one is now ready to give her a role.

The NW claims that Holmes had to sell off her $6 million California mansion to survive the pandemic and maintain her luxurious lifestyle. But it got harder as the lockdown halted all the filming and Katie had no option but to call Tom and ask for more money.

Katie Holmes Rumors and Real Truth

Katie Holmes and the rumors of the actress begging for money from Tom Cruise are totally fake and have been debunked already. As stated, Holmes gets $400,000 a year from Tom Cruise as child support for their daughter Suri Cruise and has no rights for spousal support. But that has never been an issue as Katie is doing financially all right and the claims have been denied by her spokesperson.

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