Katie Holmes Rumors: Actress to reveal secrets of Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx in a Book


Last year, a source claimed that Katie Holmes was going to talk against Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. A reputed source investigated the claim and declared it untrue. Katie was never going to disclose her relationship secrecy with the two actors.

Katie Holmes was ready to reveal his side of story?

A source claimed that Katie was ready to disclose her side of the story in regards to her relationship with Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise.

The source also mislead its readers into believing that the actress is going to open up about his relationship with the two actors in a recent interview, however she didn’t.

What did Katie say?

The claim that pretended Katie was going to expose her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, by speaking on how their relationship ended.

A reputed source approached the spokesperson for Holmes and confirmed that claim was untrue. The close friend of the actress supported her, but Katie never stated that she is going to expose her ex-partners.

What’s really going on in Katie’s Personal life?

This is not the first time the unreliable sources made such fake claim about the actress. A few months ago, a reputed source busted the claim that Katie Holmes is in a relationship with Bradley Cooper.

The source also added that the actress’s close pals believed that there is something going on between the two, she was romantically linked with the A-list actor.

Another such claim, was debunked about Katie Holmes that claimed that she dumped Jamie Foxx because he didn’t want a baby with her.

A reputed source investigated the claim and find out the reason behind their split is something else.

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