Katy Perry, Luke Bryan Flirting Rumors: Singers are getting too Close on ‘American Idol’ Sets

Katy Perry, Luke Bryan Rumors: Singers Flirting on 'American Idol' Set can Create Big Issues
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Katy Perry and Luke Bryan’s flirting rumors are making headlines these days with the tabloids reporting that the singers are getting too close. As per the ‘Star’ magazine reports, the ‘American Idol’ judges are acting like they are single and goofing around the sets of the singing reality show. There are people talking about Katy and Luke, they would make a great couple if they were single as they are so close to each other.

Perry and Bryan keep flirting with each other as they have the apparent chemistry, but the problem is both of them are already committed. Bryan has been married to Caroline Boyer for a decade and Katy is also engaged to Orlando Bloom, and which is why them getting close would be a lot of trouble. Here is more on Katy Perry, Luke Bryan flirting rumors and the possible truth behind the reports.

Katy Perry and Luke Bryan are Flirting too Much

Kary Perry and Luke Bryan have a deep connection and there is something else going on between them, which is not just limited to them being co-judges. Perry and Bryan trust each other and are totally supportive, the feeling of attraction is mutual between them. Katy and Luke are flirting too much and everyone on the sets knows that, so it is just a matter of time before the news reaches their partners and starts causing trouble.

Katy Perry, Luke Bryan Rumors and Real Truth

Katy Perry, Luke Bryan flirting rumors are totally fake and the tabloid is just blowing things are out of proportion. Katy and Luke are just good friends and there is no way they would jeopardize their actual relationship for some fun.

Also, Perry welcomed a baby daughter recently and there is no way she would destroy her family for something like that. There have been other rumors about Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom which claim they are planning a grand wedding, but nothing has been proven so far.

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