Kawhi Leonard Clippers Deal can be Canceled after his Uncle’s Illegal Request to Lakers has Surfaced

Kawhi Leonard Clippers Deal can be Canceled after his Uncle's Illegal Request to Lakers has Surfaced

Kawhi Leonard was down to the two LA teams during the free agency where he chose the Clippers over the Lakers. Many fans were surprised to see that Leonard didn’t join LeBron James in the Lakers as the duo could have been explosive and add Anthony Davis, an NBA title is almost guaranteed.

But the recent reports surfaced about Kawhi Leonard’s uncle and advisor Dennis Robertson requesting extra benefits from the NBA teams have raised some serious queries. The NBA league is currently investigating rumored illegal activities and trade demands from the free agency and if evidence points that the Clippers offered some of that, their deal with Kawhi Leonard could be voided or canceled.

Kawhi Leonard’s Uncle/Advisor Dennis Robertson asking for Illegal Benefits

Kawhi Leonard’s Uncle Advisor Dennis Robertson asking for Illegal Benefits

NBA sources are claiming that Kawhi Leonard’s uncle Dennis Robertson who also advises him on trade deals and business activities, has asked for things which are deemed illegal as per NBA’s collective bargaining agreement. NBA league has been said that Robertson asked part ownership of the team, full access to a private plane, a house property and guaranteed money from off-court endorsement for Leonard when he plays for their team.

The Raptors and Lakers were asked for all the illegal things to sign Kawhi Leonard which they refused. Roberston has been accused to use the same demands as leverage to get the Clippers sign Leonard on his dictated terms.

Will NBA Cancel the Clippers deal with Leonard?

Will NBA Cancel the Clippers deal with Leonard

NBA is currently investigating the matter based on the free agency rules and looking at every evidence from this Summer. If the league finds out that CBA rules were violated, the punishment for responsible organizations and individuals will be severe. Minnesota Timberwolves were fined five first-round draft picks and $3.5 million by former commissioner David Stern when they made cap space contract changes with Joe Smith.

Los Angeles Clippers could also suffer the same fate if they are found guilty, their contract with Kawhi Leonard can be voided, canceled or he can be even fired from the team or the league depending on which side is proved to be guilty.

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