Keanu Reeves, Angelina Jolie Dating Rumours: The Couple Took A Secret Vacation?

Keanu Reeves Angelina Jolie

Keanu Reeves was, apparently, dating Angelina Jolie. The couple hasn’t been sighted out and about in the public eye. But gossip columns had been speculating about secret trips and affair. The Matrix star is a simple man, who avoids the unnecessary spotlight and maintains a low-profile. Does this mean that the actor is consciously keeping his connection to Jolie out of the limelight?

Keanu Reeves Angelina Jolie


Keanu Reeves and Angelina Jolie in a serious, low-key relationship?

A couple of years back a rumour started out that the Speed actor was seeing Jolie. It was reported that the duo took a top-secret vacation to an isolated island in Greece.

Apparently, the two came into each other’s circle when Reeves’ mom happened to become neighbour to Jolie. All of Jolie’s 6 kids, supposedly, enjoyed Reeves’ company.

Keanu Reeves Angelina Jolie

Also apparently, Keanu was a good influence on the actress and possessed the qualities she wanted in a man. But then, nobody heard a peep with regard to this rumour because the alleged couple kept it firmly under wraps. Although fans would go crazy as it would be amazing if these two got together.

The pair doesn’t even move in the same circles

The John Wick star has never dated the Maleficent actress ever. Jolie is currently involved in a divorce battle with Brad Pitt, including the fight for the custody of their kids. Additionally, the Salt actor is simply focused on raising her children.

Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves has been dating American visual artist Alexandra Grant. Without a single doubt, if there was anything going on between the two A-listers, media would have been all over it like starved dogs.

Other Stories About Jolie

Likewise, there was another bogus report about Angelina having secret sleepovers with Bradley Cooper. These rumours are just because Angie is currently single. And the media cannot digest a successful single parent.

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