Keith Urban Ditches Nicole Kidman and Kids to perform at iHeartRadio Music Festival


Quarantine has been a hard time for many couples. Has it had its effect on Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman as well? A tabloid claimed that Urban has left his children after arriving in Australia. Let’s find is Urban and Kidman are actually planning to split.

Urban leaves Kidman all by herself ?

Urban has plans to perform at iHeartRadio Music Festival. The festival is to film performances in Nashville and Los Angeles in September. However, the singer is all set to leave his wife and children way before that. A source claimed,

Keith took the gig as a way of showing Nicole he had to go back to America.

This source went on to say that the singer will use a new $5 million New York City apartment as his bachelor pad. He will also use it to escape when needs space and want to be alone to write something.

Does any of it make sense?

Let’s find out the truth about Urban’s plans to leave his wife.

If Keith Urban was so keen on going back to Nashville and leave his wife and kids alone, why would he take the pain to fly them back to Australia? If Keith is going to Nashville, then from where does the New York apartment come into picture? Furthermore, it is claimed that the singer is currently staying in Australia.


Well, none of this makes sense because there is no truth in these claims. These stories are just made up. The couple is doing just fine. Urban’s plan to fly to Nashville is nothing more than just business travel. He will perform at the festival and promote his new album The Speed of Now Part I.

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