Kelly Clarkson And Ellen DeGeneres Feud Update: Clarkson Bans Guests Who Went On The Ellen DeGeneres Show?

Kelly Clarkson And Ellen DeGeneres
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Kelly Clarkson is in news again with hers and Ellen DeGeneres’ secret feud moving further along. DeGeneres allegedly accused Clarkson of forbidding celebrity guests on her show who had appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Gossip columns claimed the two talk show hosts were battling it out over ratings. And this led to increasing tension between them.

Kelly Clarkson Forbids The Ellen Show’s Guests?

Clarkson had already overtaken DeGeneres in the end of year ratings. This gave her the confidence boost she needed to end 2020 on a new season high. Meanwhile, DeGeneres was struggling after losing viewers, advertisers and celebrity guests.

Kelly Clarkson, Ellen DeGeneres

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As DeGeneres allegedly struggled to book guests, she became convinced that Kelly is trying to steal her famous friends. The former American Idol winner had even gone so far as to forbid celebrities who’d agreed to appear on Ellen from appearing on her series.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Scandal

The toxic workplace scandal shook the long-running talk show last summer. This whole experience supposedly left DeGeneres feeling shaken. It should be noted that DeGeneres herself was not at the center of the worst accusations lobbied by former employees of the show.

Rather, DeGeneres apologized for being largely unaware of how toxic the workplace had become. After an internal investigation, three producers were fired. And she insisted that she’d do a better job leading her show with the kindness that’s been a key part of her brand for decades now.

Ellen DeGeneres

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It’s unfair that DeGeneres has mainly shouldered the blame in the tabloids for the toxic workplace scandal. Although, it’s not surprising that these outlets would make a scapegoat out of her. That’s part of the reason that she eventually decided to end the show after the next season.

Truth Behind The Story

This article was published before DeGeneres announced her intention to leave her talk show. And also, well before NBC revealed that Clarkson would be taking over DeGeneres’ time slot. As for the claims within the article, most are silly and false. Clarkson most certainly has not forbidden DeGeneres’ guests from appearing on her show.

Wanda Sykes recently appeared on both shows to promote her latest sitcom, The Upshaws. In fact, the comedian appeared on Clarkson’s show after she visited DeGeneres, which just further proves the claim was a lie. Both DeGeneres and Clarkson are total professionals. It makes no sense that the two normally down-to-earth women would suddenly find themselves embroiled in a petty feud.

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