Kelly Clarkson Rumours: Singer Living Unhealthy Lifestyle; Eating Too Much Amid Divorce

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Kelly Clarkson has been attacked by tabloids for her weight and wellness, time and again. And ever since, Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock filed for divorce, these outlets got a whole new reason to publish stories about her.

Kelly Clarkson Eating Herself Out Of Employment

Apparently, Clarkson’s stress eating was starting to affect her job. She was eating to cope with the anxiety from the divorce. Consequently, the producers of her talk show were not pleased. Rumour is that they are at the point where they need to talk to her about exercising some self-control.

Tabloids have never stopped themselves from publishing an insulting story. The Kelly Clarkson Show has been an incredible success. Hence, producers are overjoyed. Tabloids constantly attack Clarkson over her weight, but Clarkson takes this in stride. In a 2018 interview, she said–

“It’s when I’m fat that I’m happy.”

Headed To Fat Farm

Another tabloid came up with a story that Clarkson was up to 200 pounds and in need of a wellness retreat. Friends of Clarkson were reportedly considering an intervention. The source of her eating was once again the ongoing divorce. Evidently, she looks the same today as she has for some time. Therefore, she doesn’t need to go to a fat farm the way gossip columns suggest.

Kelly Clarkson

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Vengeful Makeover

Rumour also has it that Kelly was coping with her divorce by getting a makeover. The ongoing custody battle compelled the American Idol winner to get an “edgier, sleek and sexy look”. Clarkson was supposedly saying goodbye to a lot of those dowdier outfits.

Getting a makeover or a haircut after a breakup is very common. However, Clarkson’s always been fairly stylish. Whenever she’s been on the red carpet, Clarkson always dresses to impress. As a result, this piece of gossip doesn’t hold good.

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