Khabib Nurmagomedov pens a heart felt message on Dadashev’s death

Khabib Nurmagomedov emotional after boxer Dadashev death tragedy

The UFC Welterweight titleholder Khabib Nurmagomedov said he is now starting to ‘hate’ combat after such incidents.

This reaction from the unbeaten champion comes 3 days after Maxim Dadashev succumbed to his injuries suffered in match against Sabriel Matias last Friday.

Khabib pays tribute to the deceased boxer

The tragedy shook the combat sports world with condolences pouring from all over the world. Brian McGirt, Dadashev’s trainer called out defeat after Dadashev took numerous blows to his head. Maxim’s wife Elizaveta Apushkina too shared heartbreaking messages after her husband’s death.

Khabib Nurmagomedov had a message of himself after hearing the news. The UFC champ took to Instagram to share his condolences after the irreparable loss. He also declared he is starting to hate combat sports and that might raise questions over his own future.

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Этот случай нам ещё раз доказывает, что спорт это не самое главное, есть вещи куда важнее. Каждый раз когда я вижу или слышу такие новости я начинаю ненавидеть этот спорт, в котором мы друг друга бьем. Все временно, слава, деньги, титулы, и вся наша жизнь, мы все уйдём с этого мира, никто не останется. Стоит задуматься. Терпения всем родным и близким Максима. Творите добро и пусть Всевышний вознаградит нас за наши дела и поступки в следующей жизни, и простит нам наши грехи.

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“This case proves once again that sport is not the most important thing. There are things that are much more important. Every time I see or hear such news, I begin to hate this sport in which we beat each other.

Everything is temporary, fame, money, titles, and our whole life, we all leave this world, no one will remain. It is worth thinking,”

Khabib’s message translated from Google.

Khabib’s next fight on UFC 242

Khabib is scheduled to fight Dustin Porier on UFC 242 Main event on September 7. He will be defending his title the second time in 2 years. He previously defended his title against crowd favourite Connor Mcgregor on UFC 229 last year.

Khabib Nurmagomedov emotional after boxer Dadashev death tragedy

Khabib last defended his title against Connor Mcgregor on UFC 229. Image: The Sun

‘The Eagle’ has an envious unbeaten record of 27-0 in MMA so far. He is many fighters man to beat and George St Pierre recently announced his wish to fight him. Pierre could make a comeback from retirement if UFC agrees to the fight.

Khabib’s dad is also reported to ask his son to stop fighting. Whether he does retire at the peak of his career remains to be seen. The risks of combat sports are worth it or not is a trending discussion nowadays.

What are your views on the topic? Is the fame, money and title worth risking one’s life? Can any more damage control measures be opted by the regulatory bodies? All these are questions that might be answered soon because the time is now. Share your views on the topic in the comments section.

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