Kids in US and UK choose to be a YouTuber over Astronauts

Kids at US, UK to make better YouTubers than astronauts

There was a time when millennial kids once wanted to be astronauts to venture out to the stars, explore our planets, find the nebula hydrogens and stumble on the other twin of our milky way galaxy. But somehow the dream compass tilted with passing time and now, it seems more so passé.

US and UK kid prefer YouTubers over Astronauts

Kids at US, UK to make better YouTubers: Study says

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Nowadays, American kids are more likely to hop over the footsteps of Vloggers rather than reaching out to the universe. So, you may say, kids today have halted imagining themselves in NASA spacesuits, working out Newtonian laws and reading gravity stuff while dreaming about being the ‘Young Sheldon.’

They rather wish for a life, in a yacht or crooze, just enjoying the vibes of publicity and attention around them. That’s now what I think about my inheritors, but a famous LEGO-sponsored survey has reviewed the same plausible theories through Ars Technica.

Kids at US, UK to make better YouTubers: Study says


The survey endorsed more than 3,000 children from China, U.S. and U.K. and asked them to rank their job preferences accordingly. Meanwhile, the majority picked YouTubing more than choosing astronomical studies. The survey results are however an alarming sign of how natives’ attitude has drastically changed toward scientific frontiers across generations.

Although, Neil Armstrong may have served as a peculiar role model in the eyes of an ’80s kid who kid on earth now cares if humans are colonising mars or moon or whatever planet we have discovered till yet.

A brief look of survey results

The survey was conducted to honour the United States first moon mission in 1969. The poll results were astonishing. Kids in the US and the United Kingdom were three times as likely to plump on vlogging over astronauts.

The survey involved 3,000 kids aged 8 to 12. The surveyors provided them with five different professions to choose from. Out of singling from astronaut, teacher, musician, professional athlete, or vlogger/YouTuber. Around 60% of the states’ kids opted YouTubing over Astronomy.

Meanwhile, the students of China faced a different scenario. More than 56% of Chinese students pitched on being Astronauts after growing up.  I hope the 60% expectant suffuse meaningful content over the Internet.

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