Kill Bill Volume 3 is not a dead plan yet: Quentin Tarantino urging Uma Thurman for the next

Kill Bill Volume 3 is not a dead plan yet: Quentin Tarantino urging Uma Thurman for the next

Kill Bill lovers don’t get disappointed. I know ever since the release of Kill Bill Vol 2 speculations stating it won’t comeback for next iteration have been around. However, with pure determination and an invincible will-power anything is possible. Looks like God is answering your prayer! For Quentin Tarantino confirmed that he is considering the ideal of Kill Bill Volume 3.

Kill Bill Vol 3 is not a dead plan yet: Reviving rescue mission underway!

Kill Bill Vol 3 is under consideration
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Do you want to see Kill Bill Volume 3?

Yes, you read that right, your wonder-film might be back. Quentin Tarantino, confirmed the news on Happy Sad Confused podcast of MTV. While giving an interview the topic of the film surfaced and lead to the discovery.

He confessed that he is even in talks with leading star of the film regarding Kill Bill Volume 3. He is urging Uma Thurman to continue the series of the martial arts film.

The talk regarding Kill Bill Volume 3 took place literally just a week ago. The two of them got into a discussion regarding whether to revive the film or not.

The first installment in the series of Kill Bill debuted in October in the year 2003. The film due to its approving response and critical appreciation quickly dived to make a sequel. Kill Bill Volume 2 came out just next year in the month of April and ever since then the topic remained untouched.

Will there be a film to end the series as a trilogy?

Kill Bill Volume 3 is not a dead plan yet: Quentin Tarantino urging Uma Thurman for the next

Just hang in there fellow mates, the film might make a come back!
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Every now and then someone would make a comment and stir the already saturated air of rumors. However as time continued to fly fans abandoned all their hopes of its revival. People lost all hopes of seeing Kill Bill Volume 3.

Tarantino, however is not satisfied with the way things ended. He is planning to continue the series and end it with a trilogy ending along with third installment, Kill Bill Volume 3. However, there is one thing that is standing in the way!

Tarantino is rumored to be adamant on retiring from filmmaking industry after his tenth movie. Yes, you guessed it right, he has already done nine so if he goes for Kill Bill Volume 3, it will be the tenth. Now is the film worth being his pre-retirement project? Only time will tell!

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