Kim Jong Un Death Rumors Status Confirmed by North Korean Officials

Kim Jong Un Death Rumors Status Confirmed by North Korean Officials

Kim Jong Un death rumors have been cleared about the North Korean officials and it reveals another shocking news about the fate of the Supreme Leader. Taiwan’s National Security Bureau (NSB) director-general Chiu Kuo-cheng recently updated the world about the North Korean dictator’s health status. Cheng was mostly silent on the media questions but revealed that Kim Jong Un is sick and proper measures are in place.

One of the intelligence chiefs also said that North Korea has contingency plans in case there is a power struggle after the death of Kim Jong Un. While none of the officials confirmed that Kim is dead, although they made it clear that the Supreme Leader of North Korea is not well and his future is uncertain.

Kim Jong Un is Sick and Contingency  Plans are Ready

Kim Jong Un is Sick and Future Plans are Ready

Chiu told Kuomintang (KMT) chairman Chiang Chi-chen also said that he did not want to discuss the situation in North Korea any further as it would risk their source in the country. He also added that despite the political situation in the country, the period of power struggle won’t stay for much longer.

The legislative plans are already in place in case Kim Jong Un dies and there is a power struggle to become the next Supreme Leader of North Korea. It simply means that the rumors of Kim Jong Un being dead or unwell after heart surgery are somewhat true and North Korea is biding time to stop the unrest among the people.

US Government on Kim Jong Un’s Health Status

US Government on Kim Jong Un's Health Status 

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that they are closely monitoring the health status of Kim Jong Un. Donald Trump has earlier claimed that he is in touch with North Korea and claimed that Kim is alive and well.

Pompeo further added that there could be some aftereffects of Kim Jong Un’s death in North Korea and they are ready to handle every kind of threat. Most of the experts are saying that the dictator’s sister Kim Yo Jong will assume control of North Korea in the situation of his death.

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