Kim Kardashian, Van Jones Wedding Rumors: Kim K is Ready for her Fourth Marriage?

Kim Kardashian, Van Jones Wedding Rumors: Kim K is Ready for her Fourth Marriage?
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Kim Kardashian and Van Jones’s wedding rumors are making headlines in the tabloids and gossip columns recently. Ever since Kim K has filed for divorce from Kanye West, there have been reports that the supermodel will settle down with the CNN commentator. As per the ‘Life & Style’ magazine reports, Kim Kardashian and Van Jones are mixing pleasure with business.

The two of them are already gushing over each other and also working on a new criminal justice documentary together. Kardashian is currently doing legal studies and Jones is sure that she will become a great attorney. The source adds that they are not just working together, Kim and Van are dating and planning to get married soon. Here is more on Kim Kardashian, Van Jones wedding rumors and the possible truth behind the reports.

Kim Kardashian and Van Jones to get Married Soon?

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce in February and her friends are saying that she is in love again. The source further claims that Kim and Van are not just flirting as they can possibly get married in the near future.

The rumored couple met each other in 2018 but Kim was married to Kanye West at that time and hence nothing happened between them. But now that Kim is single again, she is going on dinner dates with Van Jones and the two of them will announce their relationship to the world soon.

Kim Kardashian, Van Jones Wedding Rumors and Real Truth

Kim Kardashian, Van Jones wedding rumors are not true as there is nothing real about the story. Kim and Van are always seen with each other regarding professional matters and nothing seems to be going on between them.

Also, Kardashian is still upset from her split from West as she was seen crying on KUWTK and saying she feels like a failure. The tabloids are always making rumors about the Kardashian family and fans should not trust anything till it is officially confirmed.

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