Kim Kardashian West to launch her own shapewear line, Kimono

Kim Kardashian new brand Kimono bodywear

Kim Kardashian West is an empowering entrepreneur and an inspiration for millions. In her recent bid, she has solely developed a shapewear line. Kimono Solutionwear, as the name goes; her collection will soon be visible for the public by next month.

Kimono Shapewears: From zero to a hundred

Kim Kardashian West to launch her own shapewear line, Kimono-Details inside

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The public icon gave the low-down to her followers through a Twitter post. She shared an image from the shapewear line with an intriguing caption.
Obesity, bulging tummies and even residing in a silendering body has been among the most real-time problems for a millennium generation women.

And securing perfect shapewear will not only boost their confidence but make them feel loved among their not so genuine audiences.
The first collection of shapewear will target everyone-from skinnies to chubbies.

The linewear will launch collections for both XXS and 4XL sizes.  Because Kim’s gotta assure that no one’s left. However, her journey for the enterprise had never been easier. The fashion influencer faced some vivid allegations for cultural appropriation in 2018. The culture saviours think that the name, Kimono Solutionwear is “culturally inappropriate,” because it’s origins are similar to a Japanese word.

Meanwhile, the word translates to a Japanese apparel item. I don’t understand why people make a fuss out of the most casual stuff. They behave like the typical insurgent rebelling against something, that doesn’t suit them, all the time.

Kim Kardashian and Kimono

Kim Kardashian West to launch her own shapewear line, Kimono-Details inside

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Coming back to her new brand launch, she took to Twitter and posted:

Finally I can share this project with you guys. I have been developing the plans for my work for the last year.

Kim Kardashian is high on an emotional trip right now. Not to mention that she was sultry passionate about the brand and wanted to give it a go, for the last 15 years. So, if you are a Kardashian and you are popular, then anything ain’t impossible for you. Kimono is not like your typical bodywear that your bodies aren’t accustomed to even if you are wearing them for ages. “Kimono”: actually works.

The brand will be available to all pretty ladies in nine different shades. The Browns, the Cremes, the Light shades and the dark ones too!

Kimono already has an active account on media platforms including Twitter and Instagram.  The Kimono website homepage reads as:

Kimono is the product of Kim’s experience with shapewears, fueled by her passion to create truly considered and highly technical solutions for every body. We at Kimono provides comfortable options for all shapes and tones.
Kardashian is not a newbie in the line of merchandise.

Much before the idea of Kimono surfaced, Kim Kardashian was in dismal distress for shuttering down her boutique business, Dash.

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