Kingdom Chapter 618 Release Date, Spoilers, Fate of Shin, Karyo Ten and Kin Mou

Kingdom Chapter 618 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 617 was one of the best in the manga series and it has made everyone excited about the upcoming storylines. Fans can’t wait for what happens with Karyo Ten in Kingdom chapter 618 and how she will get saved. Kin Mou and Shin will try their best to save Karyo but it won’t be that easy for them to accomplish.

She is not much of a fighter and out in the battlefield on the front lines, anyone could kill her easily. Kin Mou will be ready to give his life to save Ten in Kingdom Chapter 618 but that doesn’t me can reach to their enemies in time. Here are the details on the release date and possible story in the chapter 618 of Kingdom manga.

Kingdom Chapter 618 Story Predictions

Kingdom Chapter 618 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 618 will be filled with a lot of surprises and shocking movements and hints have been already given in the previous chapters. There is a theory that says that Sou Tan will save Karyo Ten as the manga has been building for his payoff story for a long time.

Shin and Kin Mou are also having some sort of differences as Mou believes it was Ten whose strategy killed Gaku Ei and Kei Sha. Kin Mou may not be the best general but he will do his best to save Ten from the enemies. There are also chances that Kyo Kai or Naki unit comes back in Kingdom chapter 618 as the enemy moments have hinted towards their presence.

Kingdom Chapter 618 Release Date and Early Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 618 Story Predictions 

The official release date of Kingdom chapter 618 manga is October 18 and some of the raw scans will be available a few days in advance. There are 5 pages of the manga already leaked on Reddit and it contains a lot of spoilers.

Kin Mou may die in chapter 618 of the Kingdom as things have gotten very intense. Someone from the enemy side hits him as he is shown getting stabbed in the neck. Although fans are arguing that the wound can not be fatal and only injure him, but Kingdom makers are known to take such bold steps.

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