Kingdom Chapter 642 Release Date, Spoilers, Leaks: General Award Ceremony and Shin’s Promotion

Kingdom Chapter 642 Release Date, Spoilers, Leaks General Award Ceremony and Shin's Promotion

Kingdom Chapter 642 will finally come out next week after getting delayed to almost a month over the Coronavirus outbreak. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what will happen in the General Award ceremony, which of the characters will be promoted and who will attend the function. It is expected that Shin will be made the major General in Kingdom 642 manga chapter where he will become the 5th most powerful person in the country.

Shin will also get a new name Ri Shin along with the promotion to the position of a General for his immense contribution on the battlefield. Here is everything you need to know about the “Kingdom” chapter 642 release date delay, spoilers, raw scans leaks, predictions, English translation and how to read online the manga chapters.

Kingdom Chapter 642 Spoilers and Leaks

Kingdom Chapter 642 Spoilers and Leaks 

Kingdom Chapter 642 spoilers will be out very soon as the manga release date is getting near. It is confirmed that Shin will be the main focus of the next manga chapter as everyone is waiting to see him being promoted to a higher rank. It will be a slight change of pace in the Kingdom 642 manga chapter as there is no war after such a long time.

Riboku’s rescue plan by Zhao people could also feature in “Kingdom” chapter 642 as without him the fortress will easily fall down to the enemies. Ousen, Kanki, Mouten, Ouhon, and Rishin will also get a promotion and made Great Generals and Generals in the award ceremony. Shin might also give a speech while accepting the award in “Kingdom” chapter 642 to motivate the soldiers for the upcoming war.

Kingdom Chapter 642 Release Date, Raw Scans and Read Online

Kingdom Chapter 642 Release Date, Raw Scans and Read Online

Kingdom Chapter 642 release date is as Thursday, June 4, 2020, as per the official manga sources. Kingdom manga series has been delayed by around a month due to the effects of COVID-19 pandemic. The raw scans for Kingdom 642 manga chapter will be out 2-3 days prior to the store release date around June 2 but it would be better to wait for the official English translation release.

There is no official website to read the Kingdom manga series online, but the latest issues are released in a weekly magazine. Kingdom chapter 642 manga English translation can be read for free on Weekly Young Magazine and it would be better to wait for the official release to support the creators.

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