Kingdom Chapter 664 Spoilers, Summary Leaks: Shin and Karyoten finally meets Kyourei

Kingdom Chapter 664 Spoilers, Summary Leaks- Shin and Karyoten finally meets Kyourei

Kingdom Chapter 664 spoilers are finally out with the Korean raw scans leaking out on the internet. Kingdom manga chapter was on a break last weekend and it is why the leaks took an extra week to come out.

Fans have already translated the manga panels and compiled a summary of the storyline. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains Kingdom Chapter 664 spoilers and summary leaks, hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

Kingdom Chapter 664 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Kingdom Chapter 664 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary 

Kingdom Chapter 664 Summary


Kyoukai wakes up thinking she felt Houken but feels somethings different. She leaves her tent to be greeted by Kyourei saying “Long time no see older sister Kai” Shin and Karyoten are heading over after receiving news Kyokai’s comrade has come to their camp but are confused having heard nothing from Kyoukai. The soldiers are getting excited seeing someone like Kyoukai who could take out 100 soldiers on her own.

Kyourei says it’s impressive Kyoukai has reached the rank of lieutenant who is second in command amongst many men. Kyoukai asks why she’s here and how she left the village. Kyourei says their rule states only those who win may leave the village, but also there are some who break the rule and leaves too. Kyoukai starts questioning her. Shin and Karyoten enters the scene and Kyourei introduces herself as Kyoukai’s little sister.

She says from today on she will join the HSU and tells them to make use of her moderately. Some soldiers are getting excited, Denei says she can’t just join like then, Garo says it shouldn’t be a problem if she’s strong, Bihei hesitantly agrees, Suugen says to stop kidding around. Kyourei speaks disrespectfully to Suugen and Kanto starts arguing with her.

Kyoukai asks what she’s really doing here to which Rei replies she’s here to lend her strength to Kyoukai saying if it weren’t for her the bucktooth guy’s men would’ve been dead. Kyoukai tells her to wait in her tent while she speaks with the group about her admittance, pulling Shin and Karyoten to the side. Rei asks for her to put in a good word otherwise she’ll join the Zhao and kill many of them instead.

It was decided that she would be placed into Kyoukai’s group for the time being. If she could get along with the others then they would let her in. However, she left Kyoukai’s group on the left and came to where Ryuyuu was because there were more enemies around. She asks why they’re just waiting around. Ryuyuu says that’s the plan, to wait for the enemies to push in and kill them, which the others are doing as well. She gets tired of it and goes in.

They see her start fighing the Zhao and heads in after her. Suugen sees them move up and assumes the ambush has been discovered and tells Hairou to switch formations. However, because the right side moved up it caused a lack of reinforcement for the left which led to Hairou’s unit just barely escaping. However, the right side was having a much easier time pushing in thanks to Kyourei’s strength. Ryuyuu’s unit pushed into the center where Suugen was and it led to an overall victory for the HSU infantry.

Ryuyuu went to apologize to Hairou and Hairou says there’s no need if they won. They talk about Kyourei and though they respect her strength they think she needs to understand what it means to follow a plan. Suugen’s reprimanding her while they talk. Ryuyuu says that he doesn’t think it’ll do anything. When he caught a glimpse of her earlier it looked like she was just enjoying killing others.

The next day:

Back in the forest the infantries are fighting again. Suugen says this is an important battle and they’ll push out of the forest after this and as they charge they see Rei standing in between. Kanto tells her to don’t block their way and she tells him to not say useless things. She says it’s a sin and that she’s annoyed. She thinks to herself they need to taste bloodshed and says something along the lines of needing to get rid of the darkness of humans.

Source: Kingdom Chapter 664 Spoilers on Reddit by Jeeswag

Kingdom Chapter 664 Release Date and Read Manga Online

Kingdom Chapter 664 Release Date and Read Manga Online

Kingdom Chapter 664 release date is set as this Thursday, December 17 as per the official manga sources. The raw scans for Kingdom 664 manga chapter are already leaked on the internet and spoilers are out, but it would be better to wait for the official English translation release.

There is no official website to read the Kingdom manga series online, but the latest issues are released in a weekly magazine. Kingdom 664 chapter manga English translation can be read for free on Weekly Young Magazine and it would be better to wait for the official release to support the creators.

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