Kingdom Chapter 669 Spoilers, Leaks, Summary, Read Online and No Break Next Week

Kingdom Chapter 669 Spoilers, Leaks, Summary, Read Online and No Break Next Week

Kingdom Chapter 669 spoilers are finally out with the manga leaks arriving on the internet. The manga series was on a break last week and hence the spoilers were also delayed by a week. Kingdom 669 spoilers have now been confirmed and the full chapter will also be out this weekend.

Fans have already translated the manga panels into English and compiled a full summary of the storyline. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains Kingdom 669 spoilers and hence one must proceed at their own risk.

Kingdom Chapter 669 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Kingdom Chapter 669 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary


Chapter starts with young Rei and Shiki talking about what they want to do outside. Rei says she wants to raise a puppy, not to eat but to own. Rei then asks Shiki what she wants to do and Shiki says “well, for me-“

Cut to the ritual, Rei’s sword goes through Shiki. Rei is confused as she begins to grasp the situation and Shiki dies.


The HSU all hears this and Rei says Shiki betrayed her. Even though they agreed to go all out against each other she stopped her sword. That’s why instead of having been the loser she’s the one who remains standing. The feeling of piercing Shiki’s heart and watching her pained face was enough to push her over the edge to become a real Shiyuu.

She attackes Kyoukai saying they live in different worlds. She continues saying they can never be comrades because she’s a Shiyuu who spreads death from the darkness and that she would send them all over to Shiki.

Kyoukai gets up and tells her she’s wrong. She says the path of darkness Rei is on has no future. The last Shiyuu Yuuren became the Shiyuu in the same way and she broke herself. Since there’s no path forward in the darkness Kyoukai tells her to come back.

Kyoukai says it’s only when she’s able to return from the darkness that she’ll be able to gain real strength that a Shiyuu should have. Rei tells her to knock it off and asks if she’s planning on bringing her back. Kyoukai says the one who will bring her back will be Shiki.

She says to remember Shiki. If she died without saying anything then there’s no way for Rei to come back, but she doesn’t believe Shiki would have gone out like that. Rei says she died with a pained face saying nothing, but then she starts to remember.


Shiki apologizes saying the one who wasn’t fully commited was her. She knew there was no way she could kill Rei with her own hands. She’s really sorry but she’s glad it’s Rei who made it to the end. Shiki then requests that Rei lives her share of life in the outside as well and that she loves her.


After remembering Rei begins to break down. She’s grieving to Kyoukai saying she wasn’t able to tell her anything at the end. That she loves her too and that she’ll live enough for her as well. Kyoukai hugs her while telling her to live properly.


Cuts back to the conversation about what the two girls want to do outside and Shiki replies with nothing and Rei feels embarassed for being the only one to have said something.

No break next week, Kingdom Chapter 670 comes out on Sunday, February 21st.

Source: Kingdom Chapter 669 Spoilers on Reddit by Jeeswag

Kingdom Chapter 669 will release officially on Sunday, February 14 and fans can read the manga legally from the Weekly Young magazine.

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