Kingdom Chapter 674 Spoilers, Leaks, Full Summary, Read Online and No Break Next Week

Kingdom Chapter 674 Spoilers, Leaks, Full Summary, Read Online and No Break Next Week

Kingdom Chapter 674 spoilers and leaks are finally out and fans have now also compiled a full summary of the manga storyline. Although, we would advise our fans to avoid the leaks and better read the manga once it comes out officially. For those who are still interested in reading the leaks, the post contains Kingdom Chapter 674 spoilers and summary, hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

Kingdom Chapter 674 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Kingdom Chapter 674 Spoilers and Leaks Compilation

Kingdom Chapter 674 Full Story Summary

Kyoukai’s tent:

Rei wakes up and says good morning to Kyoukai. She then says she had a bad dream and that she has a bad feeling. Kyoukai has the same feeling so she went to tell Shin but heard that it’s fine since they’re both strong. Kyoukai then ponders whether thinking about their feelings will actually make them weaker or if they would still be just as strong even when thinking about it.

Rei asks her to just listen to her and that Shiki told her something bad will happen in her dream. Rei notices Kyoukai’s too focused on her own thoughts so Rei asks if something happened. Kyoukai says she’s got a mixed happy/nervous feeling. Rei figures she’s too distracted so she’ll go get them food but Kyoukai says she’ll go with her.


Kyoukai and Rei walks out and the soldiers talk about how Kyoukai looks really pretty, especially this morning. The wind blows Kyoukai’s hair around and she cuts it off surprising everyone watching.


En-san gets to the HQ and Karyoten says Ousen and Kanki sent a message with a plan. He asks if he was the last one and they say Kyoukai still needs to come. Kyoukai arrives and everyone’s shocked at her new hair. She says it grew too long so she cut it off while Rei says since she was still dazed and just cut it she fixed it up for her.

Garo says she looks cute and gets called out. He says he just meant she looks younger. Suugen says it’s good for the HSU to have some changes following the 6GG change and asks Shin if he thinks so too. Shin says “Definitely” with a bright red face and gets flamed for it with those present suggesting he’s totally fallen for Kyoukai’s new hairstyle but he denies everything.


The HSU received orders to go deeper into Zhao territory along with the Ousen and Kanki armies. There are two cities to take right before Kantan so that’s their next objective. However, they still don’t know whether they’ll be fighting with the Ousen army or the Kanki army. Bihei’s crew says they’d prefer Ousen over Kanki and says Karyoten thinks they’ll join them too. They then notice the Gakuka further away.

Shin meets with Mouten and asks if they don’t know which side they’re joining too to which Mouten says they just received orders to join Ousen’s army. Shin asks why only they got orders and Mouten says it’s probably because they were well suited in this situation. Shin hopes he gets to join Ousen too because he doesn’t like Kanki. Mouten mentions the freedom to wage war and Shin asks if it’s actually better this way since they feel confused due to the vague orders.

Mouten says if it’s like that for them then it’s more like that for their enemies. Thinking of how they might be fighting knowing their fighting just Ousen vs Ousen and the Gakuka/HSU means they will be in a bigger state of panic. He then says they’re now generals with armies with enough strength to impact change, them and the Gyokuhou. Shin asks where they are and Mouten says they’re further ahead so they’ll meet them soon.

He then asks if Shin heard the big news about Ouhon. He says he hasn’t and Mouten says recently Ouhon’s child was born. Shin freaks out asking how he has a baby/when he got married. Mouten says it happened after they took Gyou and before they got back. The Gakuka and HSU came together but the Gyokuhou came a day later and that’s when it happened.

Shin thinks the wife is probably someone like Ouhon, serious and doesn’t laugh but Mouten says she’s quite nice and cute since he’s met her twice before as she was Ouhon’s fiance. Shin asks if Mouten has a fiance too and Mouten says he does. Shin freaks out and Mouten says he’s just kidding. He doesn’t want to belong to just one person just yet and thinks of how they’re already at the age to really think about it.

His lieutenant calls out to him and they decide to head back saying if the HSU joins the Ousen army they’ll fight together again. He says if Shin sees Ouhon to congratulate him for him and as he leaves his lieutenant says even if he doesn’t get married he’ll be by his side to which Mouten tells him to stop saying that. Shin gets upset that Ouhon got married behind everyone’s back and says he won’t ever congratulate Ouhon.

Kanki’s army was in a battle that was tougher than what they have been facing so far. There were a lot of Qin losses but it appeared Kanki found amusement in that. Karyoten says it’s the worst kind of terrain to fight yet Kanki is still forcing his way through. Ten predicts there would be a huge loss of soldiers because you should never fight in this kind of terrain and she was right.

A scout tells Shin there are signs of the Gyokuhou’s campsite ahead. Shin says he’ll go meet with Ouhon but there’s not a single Gyokuhou to be found. The scout believes Ouhon was called to fight in Kanki’s army. Ouhon was to fight in the blood stained battlefield Kanki’s army was in.

Kingdom Chapter 674 Ends

Source: Kingdom Chapter 674 Spoilers on Reddit by Jeeswag

Kingdom Chapter 674 Read Online and Official Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 674 can be read online via the Weekly Young Magazine as there is no specific app or website that publishes the manga for international audiences.

Kingdom Chapter 674 release date for the official English version of the manga issue is set as this Sunday, March 28th as per the reports. The raws and spoilers for the manga are already out, but it would be better to wait for the official release.

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