Kingdom Chapter 677 Read Online, Spoilers, Leaks, Full Summary and Break Next Week

Kingdom Chapter 677 Read Online, Spoilers, Leaks, Full Summary and Break Next Week

Kingdom Chapter 677 spoilers are finally out with the Korean scans leaks arriving on the internet. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains Kingdom 677 full summary spoilers and hence one must proceed at their own risk.

We would advise the manga readers to wait for the official English release of the Kingdom chapter as it is more accurate compared to the spoilers and it also helps the creators. Here are more details on Kingdom Chapter 677 spoilers, leaks, full summary and ways to read online the manga series for free.

Kingdom Chapter 677 Release Date and Manga Read Online

Kingdom Chapter 677 Release Date and Manga Read Online

Kingdom Chapter 677 release date is set as Sunday, April 25, 2021, as per the official manga sources. The Korean raw scans for Kingdom 677 manga chapter are already leaked on the internet and spoilers are out, but it would be better to wait for the official English translation release.

There is no official website to read the Kingdom manga series online, but the latest issues are released in a weekly magazine. Kingdom 677 chapter manga English translation can be read for free on Weekly Young Magazine and it would be better to wait for the official release to support the creators.

Kingdom Chapter 677 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Kingdom Chapter 677 Spoilers and Full Summary


The chapter begins with the Gyokuhou in an intense battle with Ouhon being knocked on the ground. Kantan and Seika receive messages which lead the Zhao to cheers.


Shin is getting upset at the lack of orders and says if they’re just gonna stay there they might as well be sent to the Kanki army’s battle. However, Ten says from the first day they’ve been receiving orders to remain on standby to which Shin says it’s already been 8 days.

Ousen HQ:

A messenger tells Ousen’s hq that now Kanki’s central army is starting to be scattered. Souou wonders what Kanki’s plan is and thinks maybe he’ll just lose after taking Kochou head on. He doesn’t know what Kanki’s planning but the plan of taking all the easy bits Denrimi mentioned is out the window. Denrimi doesn’t understand either because from the start this was a losing battle on paper.

Mouten comes to Ousen with a request to send out the HSU to the Kanki army’s battle. The ones with the best strength to help them out of that situation is the HSU. “Is the young master of the Mou family bypassing Denrimi and going straight to Ousen?” is what Souou claims Denrimi said to which Mouten says he is also one of the generals called to the battle so a simple request shouldn’t be an issue. Ousen says the HSU will not move and when Mouten asks “why?” Ousen says Kanki gave up the Gakuka to Ousen on the condition that he leaves the HSU in the middle. Ousen says the Kanki army will soon utilize the HSU.


The Kanki army messenger from Kokuyou came to the HSU hq to request immediate reinforcements and for the entire HSU to make their way over to them. Shin says it’s been awhile and asks how the situation is to which the messenger says it’s not good. He’ll tell him more on the way but they need to get a move on right away. The HSU heads out to the Kanki army’s battle.

Ousen HQ:

Ousen is notified about the HSU’s movement. They believe it’ll provide the Kanki army with room to breathe. Souou wonders if they were going to use the HSU shouldn’t it have been better to use them from the beginning. Denrimi thinks it might be that Kanki’s thinking of turning the battle around with the 15,000 from the HSU in the battle of 80,000 vs 240,000. Mouten says in addition to the numbers the HSU brings strength so they should definitely be able to do something. Ousen asks Mouten what he believes Kanki is thinking. Mouten says Kanki is a man who is hard to understand due to how he fights but he’s for sure aiming to take Kochou’s head.

Mouten asks the messenger if he’s heard anything about the condition of the Gyokuhou. The messenger says the Gyokuhou was put in the Kanki left wing but since it was the most inferior battle even after Ouhon entered the Gyokuhou is on the verge of destruction. Mouten turns back to see Ousen’s reaction but Souou says they already know of the situation. He asks if Mouten was thinking they would throw the battle away and recall the Gyokuhou just to save him. Denrimi says to do so would be to treat the young master like a little child. Mouten says he understands but Ouhon just had a baby he hasn’t even been able to see. Denrimi says it happens. Souou asks what he really wants to say to which Mouten yells out they should care even just a little since he’s family.

Mouten’s lieutenant says the Zhao are moving by the Gakuka so he must return. When asked if something’s wrong Mouten says it’s nothing and hopes Ouhon doesn’t die and that Shin will save him.

Shin arrives on the battlefield and says “this is…”

Kingdom Chapter 677 Ends

There is a Break Next Week due to the Golden Week Holidays

Source: Kingdom Chapter 677 Spoilers on Reddit by Jeeswag 

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