Kingdom Chapter 678 Spoilers, Leaks, Full Summary, Read Online and Manga Break Next Week

Kingdom Chapter 678 Spoilers, Leaks, Full Summary, Read Online and No Break Next Week

Kingdom Chapter 678 spoilers and leaks are finally out and even the full manga summary is also compiled. The manga issue has also been released on the official platforms so fans must read it legally from the original sources. For those are reading ahead, the post contains major Kingdom Chapter 678 spoilers and hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

Kingdom Chapter 678 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Kingdom Chapter 678 Spoilers Summary


On their way to Kanki’s battlefield the messenger briefs Shin on the situation of their 8 day long battle. The right wing has 20,000, center 40,000 and left 20,000. Raido is on the right wing, Kokuou and Ringyoku are in the center and the left wing is made up of different groups they gathered from outside the Kanki army. They keep getting pushed back and the center was pushed back enough that the HQ had to move because it was that dangerous. The messenger doesn’t know exactly where Kanki’s hq went and when Shin asks how he doesn’t know the messenger says that’s just how badly they’re losing.

Shin then asks about the Gyokuhou on the left wing and the messenger says the left wing has lost so much that they don’t even know how many soldiers they have left over there. Shin and Karyoten are shocked to hear this and Shin can’t believe Ouhon’s losing that badly. Ten says that’s why they shouldn’t have attacked that location. After Kochou arrived it got even worse.

When Ten asks where they are going the messenger says they are to join the left wing. Shin expected this and the messenger says he has one more order from Marron. After busting out his best Marron impression (because he was ordered to do it no matter what when relaying a message from Marron) he tells Shin that Marron says the Zhao are completely not expecting their right wing to fall so it holds the key for their victory. They don’t have any special orders, just that they are to punch through the left and attack Kochou’s HQ. Shin says to tell Kanki and Marron to just leave it to them.

Kanki HQ:

Marron reports back saying the center army is completely split and a number of Zhao soldiers are on their way to take out Kokuou’s side. Ringyoku is also being attacked and he’s injured. Kanki asks about Raido to which Marron says he’s still fighting but it’s getting shaky over there too. Kanki asks “what else?” and Marron says there’s good news that the HSU is joining the left wing half a day earlier than he predicted. He believes that if there’s any chance of them winning it’s through an opportunity created by the HSU. Kanki: “fu”


The HSU arrives and they see a scene of the Zhao confirming kills. It looks to them like the battle is already over and that the Gyokuhou got wiped out. Shin looks over the field and notices something. As he’s doing that a Zhao soldier notices the HSU and reports to Gakuhakukou. He says it’s gonna get bothersome again and his soldier says to prepare for battle since there are a lot of Qin over there. Also there are still a few remnants lying around here and there so they should finish them off soon.

The HSU sees the Zhao coming for them. Ten begins to warn Shin about this spot but Shin says to wait and that the Gyokuhou hasn’t be destroyed.


Banyou and the GHU soldiers are shouting at Ouhon to wake up, mentioning how he has to see his new baby in Kantan. As this is happening the soldiers say they don’t think their HQ will last any longer. The Gyokuhou then notice reinforcements from Qin coming in. The HSU sees that there are still Qin soldiers fighting but they’re trapped and on the verge of being wiped out. Shin looks closely and notices Ouhon is there. Ten says to wait because half of their army is still not there and they’re not set in any formation yet but Shin charges forward to Ouhon.

Kingdom Chapter 678 Ends

Source: Kingdom Chapter 678 Spoilers by Jeeswag

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Kingdom Chapter 678 Official Release Date and Read Online

Kingdom Chapter 678 release date for the official English version of the manga issue is set as this Sunday, May 9th but the manga issue is out on an early Tuesday.

Kingdom Chapter 678 can be read online via the Weekly Young Magazine as there is no specific app or website that publishes the manga for international audiences.

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