Kingdom Chapter 680 Spoilers, Leaks, Full Summary, Read Online and No Break Next Week

Kingdom Chapter 680 Spoilers, Leaks, Full Summary, Read Online and No Break Next Week

Kingdom Chapter 680 spoilers, leaks and full story summary are finally out with the Korean scans coming on the internet. Although, we would advise our fans to wait till the manga comes out officially and avoid the spoilers if possible. For those who are reading ahead, the post contains Kingdom Chapter 680 spoilers and full summary, hence one must proceed ahead at their own risk.

Kingdom Chapter 680 Spoilers, Leaks and Full Summary

Kingdom Chapter 680 Spoilers and Leaks Compilation

Kingdom Chapter 680 Full Story Summary


The Qin court gets a report saying that the Qin forces are closing in on Kantan but has been stopped at the castles in front. Kanki is currently in a stalemate against Kochou. Shoubunkun asks if there are any other news because it’s already almost been 10 days since they started. Mister Shi says it’s the 9th day now. Shouheikun says they’re closing in on the heart of Zhao so they shouldn’t expect an easy battle. Sei wonders how Kanki is doing.

Kanki Center:

Ringyoku’s forces are fighting the Zhao non stop. The Zhao center general divided the Qin center and decided to thoroughly exterminate them. Ringyoku tells his forces to pull out again because it was getting really shaky there. He says that since a lot of Zhao forces are here Kanki who’s on Kokuou’s side has some time to think. His soldiers ask if that means they’ll be able to do something and Ringyoku hopes that’s the case. That or it’ll be something he thought of from the beginning.

Ringyoku meets up with another soldier who is traveling with a fewer people than expected. The soldier says group he was supposed to be with said they’ll sit this one out. He apologizes to Ringyoku and Ringyoku says it’s fine and nice job for sticking around. If possible he wants the soldier to join his household. He thinks to himself that it’s not just the Zhao causing problems but also themselves. The ones who’ve been around for awhile won’t waver but those below them came to gain riches and rewards. They don’t have things like the loyalty of soldiers. Their stomach got bigger and having nothing to fill it with is currently their army’s biggest weakness.

Kanki HQ:

Marron receives a report indicating different families are leaving the battlefiend on their own left and right. He starts to ask them to do something about it but Marron says that’s enough and sends them back. He can hear the sound of the melee getting closer and thinks to himself that he should take those close to him and also make a run for it. Before he can take action Kanki comes up from behind him and says there’s something he has to talk to him about.

Kanki Right Wing:

While Raido’s fighting Ogiko comes to give him a very special report from the boss. Raido doubts it because he doesn’t think Ogiko would be given such an important task but then sees his body covered in wounds. Ogiko says it was hard getting to Raido, he could be hurt or even get captured by the Zhao. But even if he gets captured he wouldn’t tell the Zhao anything and would get the message to Raido even if he dies…is what Kanki said so Ogiko made sure to go. Raido apologizes and says he underestimated Ogiko. When he asks what the message was Ogiko forgets. Then he remembers and tells him the report (we don’t know what it is). Ogiko says it’s probably the boss telling the usually reckless Raido to not be too reckless. Raido understands and Ogiko goes back. Raido commands his troops to fall back to reorganize. He thinks to himself that that’s how Kanki should be and that Kanki is quite amazing.

Raido then gets a message from his soldier that they caught a strange soldier. The soldiers around this one was heard calling him “young master” so he’s probably someone important. Raido “hoh?”


The Hi Shin Unit was successful in getting past the enemies in the spot Ouhon mentioned to them. However it was then that they faced a tall cliff with an extreme slope. Suugen says let’s go and they start charging up the cliff.

No break next week

Kingdom Chapter 680 Ends

Source: Kingdom Chapter 680 Spoilers on Reddit by Jeeswag

Kingdom Chapter 680 Official Release Date and Read Online

Kingdom Chapter 680 release date for the official English version of the manga issue is set as this Sunday, May 30th as per the reports. The Korean scans and spoilers for the manga are already out, but it would be better to wait for the official release.

Kingdom Chapter 680 can be read online via the Weekly Young Magazine as there is no specific app or website that publishes the manga for international audiences.

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