Kingdom Hearts 3 announces new DLC Remind and you can have it for free

Kingdom heart 3's new DLC "REMIND" announced

A paid DLC has been announced for Kingdom Hearts 3 according to a Twitter user Yanilyngaming.

Yanilyn gaming visited the concert and said that the director of this Kingdom Hearts franchise announced a free and a paid DLC.

This paid DLC is known as “Remind”. The new DLC pack will have an extra scenario that is called “Remind”. In addition to this, the pack will have a new secret episode plus a boss. Also, there will be an English voiceover option for the Japanese version of the game.

Kingdom heart 3's new DLC "REMIND" announced

For the free part, a Keyblade of Sora will be made available for the players.

According, to Yanilyn more additional features of the game, will be announced by June.

Recently, Square Enix has launched a critical mode for the players of Kingdom Hearts 3. The mode has many tough levels. In the NPD report of March, Kingdom Hearts 3 has been considered as the best-selling game of 2019 so far.

Nomura already confirmed that both free and paid DLC’s will be available for the game. Though there is no announcement regarding any specific DLC.

Releasing a DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3 is considered to be a smart move for Square Enix. This is because the game has sold around 5 million copies in the first week.

Well, if you are new to this game then you can visit the wiki guide of the game. For further updates regarding the game stay tuned at Blocktoro.

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