Korean Actors above 40 who don’t seem to age

Korean Artists who don't seem to age: See Names

Korean actors do age like fine wines. The more they get older, the better they lure girls toward them. In the Korean Dramaland, actors above 40 have fresher faces and more erotic sex-appeal then actors in their twenties. I mean, I do not deny the young talents in the industry, but when they say, Old is Gold, they do mean that.

So, if you share a kink towards opposites, older than you girls, then do head to watch our Korean heartthrobs so they can really make you day-dreaming. No one can beat our older guys when it comes to charisma and masculinity.

By masculinity, I don’t mean the toxic shreds of misogyny and machismo. But, an untamed face with gentle features and being doting and fond and a little dominating. Maybe it’s just these lads are superhumans or the movie-vampires, who never age. They shimmer with sweats of hard work and experience or maybe it’s the evident sexiness that only comes with maturity.

It’s time you crush your crushes to crush over our most spunky Korean actors that to are above 40 (almost all of them.)

Korean Actors: Hyun Bin

Korean Artists who don't seem to age: See Names

picture: K DRAMA

After drenching us in love with his fabulous performance in Hyde, Jekyll, Me, Hyun Bin’s blinks are enough to make you go week in your nerves. The beefcake Korean Actors is soon to turn 37 on 25th of this September.

Lee Joon Gi

While he avenges his mother’s death in Lawless Lawyer, the on-screen grey bruiser Korean Actors is all you want to spend your whole life with. In fact, you will take no time to fall for him after his extremely blazing smiles. Lee Joon Gi is running in his early-forties after he celebrated his birthday on April 17th.

Gong Yoo

Who among us hasn’t applauded Gong Yoo for his phenomenal performance in and as Goblin? With a leveled jawline, our studmuffin Korean Actors has aged graciously. Would you believe if I say Gong Yoo has turned forty in this year’s July? *awkward silence follows*

Won Bin

Korean Artists who don't seem to age: See Names

picture: SOOMPI

So here’s an irony. Although, working for ‘The Man From Nowhere’ this guy surely dwells in our hearts. This year, Won Bin will be celebrating his 42nd birthday on November 10th. The Korean Actors has retired from acting. But he clearly deserved a name in this list.

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