Eight Korean Actors above 35 who have aged like fine wine

Continued; Korean Actors who haven't aged with time

While we can’t assess people out of looks but we truly can’t stop ourselves from falling in love with some these Korean actors.

Some Korean Actors are just a class above in the notorious looks department. Being handsome is not about your adorable features, but a splendid personality and intellectual looks. You don’t need to be a sapiosexual to be handsome, but just some shreds of a muscular body with a tempting sex appeal.

Here is a brief sneak-peak at the rawest and versatile Korean actors, whom we all have been crushing over since ages.

Korean Actors: Jo Jung Suk

Turning 39 this year, Jo Jung Suk is probably more famous for his astounding personality or even more than his acting in Two Cops.

Jin Goo

Go Tae from Legal High was every teen’s crush, once. While Jin Goo moves 39 lately, I still cannot swap him with any younger Korean lad.

Daniel Henney

If sexiness has an idol, that would certainly be Daniel Henney. The Korean actor has aged gracefully while turning 40 this year.

Namgoong Min

Although, most of you may trick yourself with his cutesy baby-face. Namgoong Min is quiet running in his early-forties now. *deep sighs*

So Ji Sub

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So Ji Sub’s busted smile is enough to make you go week in your nerves. With a prolific, captivating look, Ji Sub will reach 42 in November.

Ji Sung

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You must have drooled mad over watching Peter Pan Ji Sung in his romantic musical, Doctor John. Our dinky hunk is 42 now. Even after all these years, he still is snatching limelights from other Korean actors.

Song Seung Heon

We really cannot stop ourselves in flattering all over on Seung Heon. ‘The Player’ fame playboy will be turning 43 on October 5, this year.

Jang Hyuk

The great paa from Bad Papa will turn 43, this December. And while you watch him in big amusement about how well he has maintained himself in all those years, he would have stolen one of the girls’ heart till then.

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