Korean artists who captivates fans through their looks

Korean artists who captivates fans through their looks

Whilst Korean pop artists have earned duly fame for their ruthless talents and soothing voices, some of our male popstars have charmed us more with their chiseled jawlines and godly faces. So, if you got a jawline and you have a guitar, you can make any human swoon over your charismatic charm.
Read on to find more about the most sultry and finely sculpted jawlines of Korean-pop industry.

1. Jungkook of BTS

If beaty with brain had a musculine face, I would be titling Jungkook as the one. The Korean supersinger is not only known for his mind-boggling song covers and enriching voice. Rather the man can certainly lure you through his wide eyes and spunky jawbones. A person with glamor flowing in views, Jungkook never fails to light his fans’s fires up.

2. Lee Je Hoon

The Korean actor-singer is so perfectly shaped that he can woo you while playing different roles yet not loose a speck of charm from his face. His sharp jawline but a cute puppy-face leaves him with a bonniness to carry a wide spectrum of roles.

3. Lee Joon Gi

Korean artists who captivates fans through their looks

picture: Soompi

So if you are an avid follower of Korean pop artists, you can never resist yourself going aww over Joon Gi’s multi-faceted spells. His sultry personality embodies both masculine and boyish charm, provided by his finely broad jawline and magnificant cheek-bones.

4. Taeyong of NCT

Taeyong has a forward titlted head with a tinge of grave face expressions.  His lowerjaw mingled with a sincere smile makes him extraordinarily charming.  Taeyong’s facial features strikes genuine similarities with the handsome fictional character of Jack Frost.

5. Kang Ha Neul

Although, he has stepped down from Korean industry after his military recruitment. But he fact that he still remains the dream-boy for many girls is plainly wit-large. No one on the earth can deny Ha Neul’s pulling power to bewitch anyone he wants to. Kang would be really proud of his uppercut and beguiling eyes that has garnered him more fans than glaring cinematic skills.

6. Vernon of Seventeen

This guy has a quite unusual yet pleasing nickname, which sticks well to his carnivorous looks.
Commonly referred as a living statue by Korean, Vernon has a sighty mandible with sharp nose and intense eyes. It’s evident to assume the singer comes out to be a crush of million girls.

I wish you find someone as captivating these appealing artists.
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