Kwon Hyun Bin from Produce 101 teases his debut album

Kwon Hyun Bin to debut solo this year: See Details

After charming each one of us with some grooving acting skills, Kwon Hyun Bin is all psyched up for a solo music debut. Hyun Bin has excitedly shared a few glimpses of his awaited debut album on personal media handles.
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Kwon Hyun Bin announces teaser for debut album

Not enough days have passed when Kwon Hyun Bin was first remarked by Produce 101 show makers. After a while, he awed us with his ‘easy on-ear’ kind voice and dope rap talent.

And finally, he has geared himself all up to go solo for going big. Hyun Bin has just unveiled a teaser poster of his solo debut with the date August 19, 2019.

We are still in dilemma for what Hyun Bin is really up to, keeping in mind his debut plans. But, the date is going to bring some passionate singing colors to his dull musical sphere positively.

Whether he’s gonna upload his debuts for streaming or revealing full première details; we still got some more bull sessions to shoot over the mid-August day.

Meanwhile, Kwon Hyun Bin also bestowed his devoted fandom with some light-hearted behind-the-scenes footages of his awaited album’s preparation. Moreover, you can partake in some spheres of his life by subscribing to his YouTube channel.

Debut updates and release dates

Kwon Hyun Bin to debut solo this year: See Details


It is where he uploads some atypical, genuine content from his daily life shooting schedules so that you can sneak into his life whenever you want to. Kwon’s glamour journey has been through a lot of disputes, talent hunts, and heartbreaking group disbandment.

Moreover, the pain went away after he was cast in MBC’s variety drama, Dunia: Into a New World but something inside him wanted to go back to recording rooms and singing studios. And that is why he eventually reverted to singing.

You may measure Hyun Bin’s success by the fact that Instagram rewarded the striking hunk with ‘Account with Most Growth’ through the entire 2017 in South Korea. We cannot wait for more to see how the spunky songster is going to charm us with his moves, this time.

All the best Kwon Hyun Bin for your future collaborations and projects.
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