Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper Rumors: Gaga still Loves Cooper, wants him back in her Life?

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper Rumors- Gaga still Loves Cooper, wants him back in her Life?

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper rumors have always been a part of the tabloids and gossip columns. The Bad Romance singer and the Hangover actor starred in “A Star is Born” movie and their chemistry was apparent from the first day. Many of the fans are convinced that Gaga and Cooper were in a romantic relationship during the filming, promotional tours, and concerts.

But the stars broke up soon and Gaga was left heartbroken. It is claimed that Cooper had commitment issues, while Gaga wanted to settle down. Now a new report in OK! magazine claims that Lady Gaga still loves Bradley Cooper and wants him back in her life and here is the real truth behind the rumors.

Lady Gaga is still Madly in Love with Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga still in Love with Bradley Cooper 

Lady Gaga is still not over Bradley Cooper even though they have gone their separate ways. The magazine further claims that Gaga is madly in love with Cooper and is having a hard time to move on. Even though Gaga is currently dating the audio engineer Dan Horton, it is nothing but a rebound to divert her attention from Bradley who is rumored to be dating Jennifer Garner.

Lady Gaga wanted a proper relationship and even had plans for engagement and a wedding, but Bradley Cooper is not interested in anything like that. Gaga feels that even though they are not together at the moment, Cooper will come back to her someday and they will rekindle their romance.

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper Rumors and Real Truth

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper Rumors and Real Truth

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper breakup or dating rumors are mostly false and have been debunked many times. There is not even proof that Gaga and Cooper were even an item and most of it was just media sensualizing their chemistry during A Star is Born promotions.

They are actors who wanted to sell their performance and they did amazing. One can’t trust the tabloids as Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner wedding rumors should not make any sense if the former has commitment issues. Also, Lady Gaga is in a happy relationship with Dan Horton and not in love with Cooper.


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