Lady Gaga, Jeremy Renner Dating Rumors: Bradley Cooper was Jealous of the Relationship?

Lady Gaga, Jeremy Renner Dating Rumors: Bradley Cooper was Jealous of the Relationship?
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Lady Gaga and Jeremy Renner’s dating rumors made headlines last year with claims that Bradley Cooper was jealous of seeing them together. As per the ‘In Touch’ magazine reports, Gaga was in a love triangle with Renner and Cooper. The insider source added that the ‘Bad Romance’ singer and the ‘Hawkeye’ actor were spending a lot of quality time together.

It further listed their hangouts at Park MGM and Black Velvet Rabbit as proof that something was going on between Lady and Jeremy. While the romance between the two was hitting, Bradley Cooper felt sidelines and started to feel jealous of the relationship. Here is more on Lady Gaga, Jeremy Renner dating rumors and the possible truth behind the reports of Bradley Cooper feeling jealous over it.

Bradley Cooper is Jealous of Lady Gaga and Jeremy Renner

Lady Gaga was very confused between Jeremy Renner and Bradley Cooper as per the ‘Star’ magazine reports and both the sources are kind of portraying a similar love triangle. Cooper and Gaga starred in ‘A Star is Born’ and their chemistry was apparent to the whole world in the press conferences and live performances.

But Bradley was always playing hard and it kind of broke Gaga’s heart, so it might be possible that she started spending time with Jeremy Renner to get his attention and it worked.

Lady Gaga, Jeremy Renner Dating Rumors and Real Truth

Lady Gaga, Jeremy Renner dating rumors are totally fake and hold no truth at all. The source close to the singer has denied both the claims as nothing ever happened between Gaga and Renner or even Cooper. The tabloids seem to forget that Lady Gaga was engaged to Christian Carino at that time and hence all the dating rumors are false and far from the real truth.

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