Latest Coronavirus Vaccine Progress Report Suggests Promising Release Time

coronavirus vaccine

Over 110 prospective Coronavirus vaccine projects are currently in progress in an attempt to cure the COVID-19. The coronavirus spread from a wet market in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019. Some of these projects have reached the clinical trial phase. Others, however, have shown little less than favorable results.

The novel Coronavirus has, in a span of 4 months, infected close to 5 million around the globe. South America is now the newest epicenter of the viral infection.

coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine: An ETA

Leading researchers are of the opinion that people may have to wait another 14-18 months before a successful vaccine formulation is available. The Indian vaccine is floating in the same boat. Experts revealed that the vaccine is still in the nascent stage. Any conclusive development will take a while.

Coronavirus Vaccine: Front Runners
  • Moderna’s RNA Vaccine

Moderna’s RNA Coronavirus Vaccine is the top frontrunner. It will enter the second phase of clinical tests in July 2020. Stage 1 of clinical trials had reported promising results on 8 candidates who were able to develop protective antibodies to fight the Coronavirus. The vaccine also had a positive effects on the immunity.

  • CanSino Biologics Inc Vaccine

A strong fresh contender in the global race to the vaccine has emerged. CanSino Biologics Inc, China is the company developing this vaccine. A specific virus mutation by the name Ad5 was used in the formulation of this vaccine.

  • AstraZeneca Plc Vaccine by Oxford University

One of the most looked forward to vaccines is AstraZeneca Plc Vaccine. A joint collaboration of Oxford University and AstraZeneca Plc is working towards this vaccine. The trials have begun with standardized animal testing. Unfortunately, concerns regarding the vaccine’s failure in preventing the infection spread have surfaced.

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