Lay Zhang from EXO gets another statue at Madame Tussaud

Lay Zhang from EXO to be re-rewarded by Madame Tussaud Beijing

Lay Zhang from EXO has laid multiple records before. It was delighting in seeing another 90s kid rising in prominence at world’s most renowned Madame Tussaud. Despite being too young to win success, nothing could have stopped Lay to accomplish the feat.

Lay Zhang returns as a record-breaker

With this year passing by, Lay has come out to be first 90s born artist to inaugurate three distinct wax figures at Madame Tussaud. Meanwhile, Shanghai Madame Tussaud first applauded Lay’s artwork and his songster complexion with sculpting him in the museum.

Madame Tussaud at Beijing and Hong Kong followed the same ritual afterward. The examples are enough to succumb to the fact that the EXO lad is everywhere, by Lay here I mean his wax statues.

Moreover, Namanana fame songster’s success ventures haven’t stopped here. His exaggerating achievements have made him add numerous achievements, a bunch of records and a few reserved pieces of history under his name every single day. Madame Tussaud Beijing is not going ever to excuse Lay’s cornerstone hits in the singing sphere.

Madame Tussaud Beijing holds Power of Idols

Lay Zhang from EXO to be re-rewarded by Madame Tussaud Beijing

picture: TWITTER

An official from Beijing branch of Madame Tussaud, the history-holders will be catching up with another evident exhibition soon.
The Power of Idols, as it goes by, will be inaugurated by none other than Lay Zhang.

Moreover, the museum guys are earmarking Lay Zhang with his exhibition hall soon enough. The country officials made the announcements through the museum’s official Weibo page. Whoa! Lay’s fandom is going to bowl over catching the glad scoops.

The commendable action by museum authorities once again reinstates Zhang’s influence over China and adjoining areas. By attaining his personnel exhibition hall at the museum, Lay is going to take the crown for being the first musician-producer to realize the feat so far.

The songster is just unstoppable. From paying tributes to Michael Jackson and then acting in his own produced drama series, there have been no slowing signs for Lay, so far.

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