LeBron James calls NCAA mad and scared over their new policy

LeBron James calls NCAA mad and scared over their new policy

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has hit back at a recent NCAA decision of banning agents without degrees. A new NCAA policy has made agents without a bachelor degree ineligible to advise NBA athletes.

The move apparently looks focused upon James’ agent Rich Paul. LeBron James slammed NCAA on Twitter over that and called the weird rule “The Rich Paul Rule”.

LeBron James calls NCAA “mad” and “scared”

NCAA currently allows prospective players to draft themselves for NBA and hire an agent. They can keep the college option open if they decide against turning pro.

But NBC SPORTS’ Jon Rothstein reported on Monday that NCAA has now placed a new rule over these agents. The agents are now required to have at least a bachelor’s degree to continue their job or enter the circuit. This puts light on many agents among high profile Rich Paul.

Rich Paul doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree

Rich Paul met James at Ohio Airport and his career took off from their. He became great friends with James and went on to have a good say in his journey so far. He sold NBA jerseys at the airport and LeBron James was big buyer for him.

LeBron James calls NCAA mad and scared over their new policy

Paul and James are friends and business partners from over a decade. Image : USA Today

LeBron James enjoyed great success from there on and Paul was also a beneficiary of it. Rich Paul is currently the advisor for high profile NBA clients like Draymond Green, Anthony Davis and Lebron James. Indeed James doesn’t like the rule that degrades his long time friend’s career.

LeBron James hasn’t been in good terms with NCAA since his arrival in NBA as a rookie in 2003. NCAA tried to slow down James and Paul’s progress since his arrival and he doesn’t like it one bit. This is yet another case of James fighting against a top corporation showcasing his power.

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