LeBron James loses in rating to a 15 year old NBA prospect

15 year old NBA prospect Emoni Bates rated better than LeBron James

Emoni Bates is among two NBA future prospects that are rated to be better versions of modern day legends LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

The 15- year high school basketball sensation Emoni Bates has created a massive buzz in very short time. At the tender age of 15, Emoni Bates is already carrying high hopes of emulating LeBron James.

Why Is Emoni Bates highly rated than LeBron James?

Born in Michigan, Emoni Bates is speculated by many a experts as the No.1 draft of 2022 class. Some scouts go on to claim that he is hands down the best prospect in high school right now.

“In the best freshman conversation, he’s 1. He’s better than LeBron James as a freshman. LeBron James was good, real good. Emoni is dominant,” a veteran of the grassroots basketball told

At age 15 Emoni Bates is already projected to be 1st overall pick in the highly anticipated 2022 "double" draft. The 6’8” ninth-grader is crowned by many as the best NBA prospect since LeBron James. from nba

It’s important to note that James himself was rated very highly since his high school days. But there’s something about Emoni Bates that scouts feel he a step ahead.

“He has a chance to be ahead of LeBron James. I’ve never seen a better freshman. He’s a prospect that’s dominant as a ninth-grader. That’s rare,” a veteran scout noted.

The main reason Emoni Bates is expected so much is that he is not just pure potential. He is actually doing things kids of his age dream of. Bates is progressing at a rate faster than any seen before.

Already 6’8″, another veteran scout thinks Bates has got the ability, the mentality and the skill already. It’s rare to find such a mix and such a raw age.

Bates in his sophomore year averaged 32.3 at Nike Peach Jam along with 4 assists. He also led Lincoln High School to their first ever state title in Michigan state.

Lonzo Ball’s brother the other rising star

Lamello Ball is the brother of New Orleans Pelicans Lonzo Ball and a star future NBA prospect. He is compared closely to Golden State Warriors’ star Stephen Curry. A video was uploaded recently showing how Ball resembles Curry’s style of play.

15 year old NBA prospect Emoni Bates rated better than LeBron James

Ball’s style closely resembles Stephen Curry’s. Image : Sporting News

Ball is currently signed in the Australian Football League. He is looking for spot in next year’s NBA draft and some think Golden State Warriors would love to have him among others. Ball’s decision to sign overseas in Australia was purely to showcase his prowess for next year’s NBA draft.

“My goal is to be the top pick in next year’s draft, and I feel they can help me reach that goal. Also, the timing of the season works well with the timing of next year’s draft,” Ball stated.

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