LEGO x FRIENDS Collection: Rachel, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Chandler Get New Life

LEGO x FRIENDS Rachel Monica Joey Phoebe Chandler

A hallmark of America’s greatest sitcoms, FRIENDS is just psyched up to celebrate its twenty-fifth sumptuous anniversary. On the prolific occasion, LEGO has brought you something, worth-cherishing. So, if you were missing Central Perk’s chats over coffee or Gunther’s chunky look over Rachel, then LEGO is all you need to re-build your FRIENDS fantasies.

LEGO re-creates FRIENDS with plastic toys

The plastic toy company has just advertised a unique Central Perk Set edition to mark the 25th anniversary of US’ greatest fam-com ever. In initial premiere days, supporters went nuts over FRIENDS’ merchandise and stocked goodies. We all have binged-watched the show, a couple of times.

We too heard the Central Perk lessons by heart. And it’s time to re-visit those memory lanes with LEGO’s plastic sets and tons of rib-ticking jokes. You may now hang out with your favorite Rachel, the mom Monica, amusing Pheebs and Chandler’s high-witted sarcasm. Joey’s day-dreaming blended with Ross’ innocence were indicted gratis.

LEGO x FRIENDS Rachel Monica Joey Phoebe Chandler


Moreover, the die-hard fans will be spotting the Perk’s infamous couch, witnessing every freaking trouble and out-of-the-earth solutions for six mates. Rachel’s boss and Perk’s manager, Gunther too has garnered one big sight beside the coffee tables.

The set takes you back into ’90s

Remember Gunter, the peroxide-Rachel lover who had clingy envies against Ross. Besides, Central Perk’s coffee machine, Phoebe’s singing stage, cookies, and Central Perk’s central logo will be making you feel home again. LEGO has duped you into believing that you really have raised the whole set.

Meanwhile, the pieces and puzzles are a little tricky. So you may be needing your pals to complete the sets while binge-on another season. With LEGO’s new venture, most of the FRIENDS’ die-hard fans will be able to re-live the sets and feel the warmth of being around their ideal replicas, that so after waiting for 25 whole years.

LEGO will release the set edition on the same day we celebrate 25 promising years of FRIENDS and Central Perk, that is September 1, just two weeks afterward. The fun-fantasy set shall cost you a little over £64.99. I don’t assume if it is going to be a really big amount for any FRIENDS’ devotee.

Could we be any more excited? You played well, LEGO.

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