Lizzie McGuire star Carly Schroeder joins US Military

Lizzie Mcguire star Carly Schroeder joins US Military

Carly Schroeder aka the little Melina from the Disney show, Lizzie McGuire quits Hollywood as she finds her calling in the U.S Army. The 28-year-old actress opened up to TMZ live about getting accepted at the Officer Candidate School and commencing her training.

Carly Schroeder is now a Cadet

Further opening up, Cadet Carly revealed, that she hails from a defence background. A father who is a Green Beret and a Marine brother, the two played inspirational leads in her decisions. Likewise, they have always stood by her side giving great ‘Dad-and- Brother’ advice at every step.

Lizzie Mcguire star Carly Schroeder joins US Military

In addition to this, she procures major inspiration from the cause of ‘ Human Trafficking’. Besides this, she also aspires to take it down by joining the Intelligence department in the US Army. Moreover, this Cadet doesn’t shy away from stirring her fans. She posts exciting videos from her training sessions keeping them hooked to her Instagram.

From Red Carpets to the US Militia

Carly’s decision, to fall from the ‘Star’ she is and live the extraordinary life of a soldier is not a cakewalk for sure. She’s nailed it on-camera, be it as the little Melina in Lizzie McGuire or her appearances in ‘General Hospital’ and ‘Law and Order: SVU’. We knew the girl’s a pure talent with a remarkable career to unfold until she spooks us all with this other side of herself that’s not as glamorous as we know.

Lizzie Mcguire star Carly Schroeder joins US Military

Nevertheless, we wish the Officer to be all the luck. Looking forward to her, making major headlines, being a real hero opposed to the one in the reel. Furthermore, we wait for her to mould into the change she wants to see.

P.S. We hope she glides through the non-vegan phase of her life.

Carly Schroeder at one of her training sessions.

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