Lockdown Ending Date: Potential Exit Strategies to Safely Lift Coronavirus Lockdown

Lockdown Ending Date Potential Exit Strategies to Safely Lift Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown is now in its fifth week in UK and it will most likely be extended for another two-three weeks. There is no way lockdown is ended in just a few days when the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing every day. Although, there could be some ease in the imposed restrictions and things can be opened slowly in phase.

Most of the world governments are following potential exit strategies and methods to safely lift the UK lockdown and make sure there is no second wave of coronavirus outbreak. Here are some of the most popular lockdown exit strategies that can be used phase by phase to make things normal.

Lockdown Exit Strategies and Methods

Lockdown Exit Strategies and Methods  

Traffic Light lockdown lifting phase: It is the most widespread strategy to lift the lockdown safely step by step. Based on the number of people and intensity of COVID-19 infection, every location is divided into Green, Orange, and Red zone.

As per the zone, there will be several layers of freedom and restrictions until all the zones are converted to Green. Most of the non-essential things will be allowed slowly but they have to follow proper safety measures and social distancing rules.

Small clusters group: As per this measure, people can gather in a group of 10 with their closest friends and family. The group can be formed by nomination with a minimum of two households and can have meals and other social activities together. But none of the groups will be allowed to interact with anyone else outside their clusters, thus keeping the spread of virus contained to a very smaller level.

Increase of contact tracing apps: NHS is working on a new contact tracing app which will update when a person tests positive for COVID-19 and alert everyone who has come in contact with the infected person. It would be a great way to monitor and control the outbreak so that the lockdown can be lifted easily in secure areas.

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