Logan Paul another diss track for his new rivals

Logan Paul's another diss track for his new rivals

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul recently published a diss track on rival KSI after the boxing match in August 2018. However, now he is planning another diss against a new big opponent.

Suddenly, Logan Paul started a twitter pole on 13th April. Where he asked his followers if he should create a diss track against a coyote who was responsible for the death of his very dear pomeranian pup ‘Kong da Savage’.

Logan Paul's another diss track for his new rivals

The funny part is, as per the pole he has already made a decision, to create a diss. He created a poll where users didn’t have an option to say a ‘No’. Hence, they could either vote for ‘Yes’ or ‘F*ck yes’. As per the voting, ‘F*ck yes’ is in the lead by 57% votes while ‘Yes’ is trailing with 43% votes. By far this has been the most interesting poll.

Paul was very attached to his pup, he posted about Kong’s death by posting a very emotional message on Instagram on 6th April. In the post, he did mention that Kong was killed by two coyotes in the front yard of his house on 5th April.

Although, Paul on a later stage also uploaded a video showing the footage of the entire security camera of the incident. He also criticized the coyote’s by calling them ‘bloodshed- a cunning abduction plan’. With a broken heart, he told us that he would for sure take revenge against the attack done on Kong.

Though his fans are assuming that he would not create any diss and end up going to the animal control to file a complaint.

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