Lost in Space Season 2 Netflix Release Date, Trailer Cast Members, Plot Details and More

Lost in Space Season 2 Details

Lost in Space is returning for a second season on Netflix and the fans of the reboot of the 1960s series are absolutely delighted. The show revolves around the Robinson family whose spaceship crash lands on a different planet after they are attacked by alien robots. Even though most of them survive the attack, they are stranded on a planet with a hostile environment and have to survive and reach their mothership, the Resolute.

The family is Lost in Space and have to find their way back home in the second season of Lost in Space. Here are the details on trailer, Netflix release date, cast, plot and more for Lost in Space 2.

Lost in Space 2 Trailer and Release Date

Lost in Space Season 2 Release Date

Netflix released the trailer for Lost in Space season last month on October 5 and it was titled as ‘Have you seen our Robot?” While everyone was expecting a 2020 release date based on the shooting and production, the makers have surprised everyone by early release date. Lost in Space 2 will have have a Christmas release date as the second season returns to Netflix on December 24, 2020.

Cast for Lost in Space Season 2

Cast for Lost in Space Season 2

Lost in Space 2 will have the main cast members returning along with some new characters and actors. The cast members to return from Lost in Space season 1 are:

  • Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson  
  • Toby Stephens as John Robinson  
  • Maxwell Jenkins as Will Robinson  
  • Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson  
  • Mina Sandwell as Penny Robinson 
  • Ignacio Serricchio as Don West 
  • Parker Posey as June Harris 

There have been also some new characters appearing in the second season and the new cast members to join the Lost in Space season 2 are:

  • Douglas Hodge as Hastings 
  • Nevis Unipan asSamantha.
  • Aria DeMaris as Izabel Azevedo.
  • JJ Feild as AI expert

What will Happen in Next Season of Lost in Space?

What will Happen in Next Season of Lost in Space

Lost in Space season 1 ended with the Robinson family failing to reach the Resolute on time and they were warped to an entirely different galaxy by Jupiter 2 engine activation. It was also revealed that the alien attack at the start was actually a retrieval mission as they wanted the engine from their ship.

The Robinson’s must now find new ways to get home and also get back the stolen tech which is now on board the Jupiter 2. There is also a risk of two stars colliding and forming a supernova which could destroy the entire solar system. The actor Maxwell Jenkins who plays the character of Will Robinson has said that Lost in Space season 2 will be bigger than anything have ever seen.

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