Lost in Space Season 2 Review, Good Enough for Netflix to Renew Lost in Space Season 3?

Lost in Space Season 2 Review, Good Enough for Netflix to Renew Lost in Space Season 3

Lost in Space Season 2 reviews are out and sci-fi series from Netflix has once again done the job. The Robinsons family is back for another adventure as they try to find their home, gets separated by their Robot, lost in the vast space gliding through the Alpha Centauri. While the show is mostly aimed for the younger audience and sci-fi nerds, the second season of Lost in Space does a perfect job of appealing to even the regular audience.

Even though it’s a sci-fi show set in the future and takes place on another side of the Universe, the show at its core is about love, family and sacrifice. Here is the brief review of Lost in Space Season 2 and the possibility that Netflix finds it good enough to renew Lost in Space Season 3.

Lost in Space Season 2 Review: Back to The Basics

Lost in Space Season 2 Review Back to Basics

Lost in Space plays it safe in the second season and the storyline is more or less the same as the Robinson family tries to find way back home. The first two episodes are kind of slow and try to depict how it feels when you are stranded on a dull ocean world.

The Robinsons finds the Resolute and works with their crew, it kind of depicts that when situation arise you have to adapt yourself for everything. There are a few moments in Lost in Space season 2 which doesn’t make any sense such as turning a spaceship into a boat and children standing on the deck in a thunderstorm, but one has to accept them in a sci-fi show.

The camera work is shaky for many sequences and there are also quick cuts, but to make up for that there are amazing shots and CGI landscapes. The scene where an army of Robot appears to save the day is phenomenal and Lost in Space season 2 is basically getting back to the basics TV show structure and is very enjoyable.

Everything we Know about Lost in Space Season 3 on Netflix

Everything we Know about Lost in Space Season 3 on Netflix 

Lost in Space Season 3 will most definitely be renewed as the story of the Robinsons is yet not over. It is one of the most popular Netflix original TV shows right now and there is no way it will be canceled in between.

In fact, we could very soon see an official announcement regarding the season of Lost in Space. However, it takes a lot of time in production, filming and special effects, Lost on Space season 3 will most probably have a late-2020 release date on Netflix.

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