Love Island 2019- Belle’s father wanted to rip Anton’s head off after the controversy

Love Island 2019- Belle's father wanted to rip Anton's head off after the controversy

Love Island 2019 saw a heartful reunion of Islanders with their loved ones on today’s afternoon. The emotion-filled moments embellished a bunch of teary eyes and some scornful exchanges. While some of the parents succumbed to their kiddoes’ waggish wishes at the villa, there was one father who made attempts to smash his child’s boyfriend for what he did to his lass.

Love Island 2019: Bella’s father lashes at Anton Danyluk

Belle’s father Tamer Hassan was always pitiful of his daughter’s choice. Meanwhile, he warm-heartedly hugged his daughter after full eight months; Tamer didn’t have a fulsome ride with Belle’s Island boyfriend, Anton Danyluk.
Tamer seemed to be pretty outraged after what Anton did with Belle in Love Island 2019.

Love Island 2019- Belle's father wanted to rip Anton's head off after the controversy

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Anton made no stones un-turned to burn Belle with his bothersome ways. He has made Belle cry twice at different times. The man then told everyone about the incident that troubled him the most.

After mocking Belle while handing over her number to a shop assistant, Anton turned himself against his well-going relationship with Belle. Moreover, his kiss exchange with Anna Vakili during a Love Island 2019 challenge made her more fuming than ever.

Tamer has always been protective of her daughter. He just wanted to check if his daughter was with the ‘right’ guy. Once a father, always a savior, you know. Tamer then warns him of having ‘the’ chat with Scot later.
‘The chat’ here seems pretty synonym with ‘we need to talk’ pre-breakup pep talk.

Love Island saw another heart-warming reunion

Hassan spent most of his nights on the couch watching Love Island 2019. Tamer winded up ‘the’ dialogue ceremony after recalling Bella’s first night with Anton.

Tamer told the families;

When Bella first went to him and was like, ‘Can I sleep here, in your bed’? I was sorta like I’m going to rip his head apart.

Love Island 2019- Belle's father wanted to rip Anton's head off after the controversy

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The fuming father finally settled after watching her lass, in a happy relationship with Scot in Love Island 2019. He continued:

But I’ve got to say you two have unfolded a beautiful relationship with your love and this has really bloomed into something lovely.

However, Anton and Tamer got along well in the end in Love Island 2019. We hope the couple remains together for eternity.

Best wishes, Anton and Bella!

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