Love Island 2019 contestant Molly-Mae Hague brutally breaks ankle during a stair fall

Love Island 2019 contestant Molly-Mae Hague brutally breaks ankle during a stair fall

Love Island fame Molly-Mae Hague has broken her ankle while falling down the lower stairs during unseen bites of her show, Love Island. While sipping her drink, Molly was coming down the stairs without giving heed to the next steps. The brutal fall took place after the Love Island 2019 contestant was walking down her way to garden.

Love Island 2019 contestant: Molly-Mae brutally breaks her ankle

Love Island 2019 contestant Molly-Mae Hague brutally breaks ankle during a stair fall

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The incident was all upsetting. But out of the blues, a few tweets from her co-stars and doting fans made the whole situation seemingly easier.

Iain Stirling wittingly narrated the miserable incident through his media handles. That guy cheered the sitch with hysterically funny lines, that made most of us laugh hard. He read:

I understand the stairs are boring. If I had a wish,  I’d disappear all of them. But please know they are there for a reason. Gbu !

Meanwhile, her high heeled footwear had their own hand in Molly-Mae’s ankle mishap. She spilled her glass wine all over the floor while she flew off the deck.

Sometimes, a misplaced feet can cost you worth your full week’s joy and missed shooting schedules. However, her boyfriend Tommy Fury was waiting near gates while she was helping herself with a glass of wine. He reached out to her while crying, Oh Shit!.

Watch: People’s reactions over her broken ankle

Seemingly, Tommy would have gone mad but he picked Molly up and assured she’s fine. Curtis, too ran towards her for help. However, he didn’t seem enough shaken by the accident.

Her co-star at Love Island 2019, Amber Gill stood jammed while watching Molly, tripping over the stairs. She went ‘Oh my freaking god’ with hands over her mouth as soon as Molly toppled.

All thanks to Molly’s middling body-balance and handful left stairs that she wasn’t injured much and didn’t break any of her bones.

I’m good, I am good. Don’t you guys worry.

-Molly giggled.

I wish for her to get well so that she could son resume her Love Island 2019 shoots.

Moreover, Maura Higgins too shared some of her killing reactions to Molly-Mae’s ankle break in Love Island 2019. She told Molly while helping her to relax:

I don’t believe you wasted all that wine, Molly.

That’s honestly a mood right now, Maura. Don’t forget to tune on ITV2 at 9PM for latest Love Island 2019 episodes.

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