Love Island 2019 Finale: Will Ovie Soko win the show?

Fans want Ovie Soko to win Love Island alone

Ovie Soko, the 28-years-old basketball sensation has won the hearts of his viewers since he entered Casa Amour Villa in Love Island 2019. Moreover, the viewers of Love Island 2019 are so under his charm that they are urging the show owners to make him the first solo winner of Love Island.

Ovie Soko – The new love of the Love Island 2019 fans

Fans want Ovie Soko to win Love Island Solo

Ovie Paul Soko was born on 7he February 1991 in England. He is a Nigerian, though. Soko played professional basketball and was seen at the UCAM Murcia of the Liga ACB game last time.

He is currently seen earning all the fame at the Love Island Gameshow at the moment. And fans have been hooking onto him. We have witnessed fan show tweets like

If Ovie doesn’t win aloneness then the whole show needs cancelling.


How did Ovie Soko win our hearts in the Villa?

Fans want Ovie Soko to win Love Island alone

Ovie Soko has continuously ruled over the hearts of his fan as soon as he stepped in the show. He’s proved time and again that the worlds, not just full of fuck boys.

Moreover, from the time he respected Anna’s decision to recouple with Jordon. How he chose to delight on a popsicle when the whole world was fuming over it. And how he supported Amber and listened to her when Mitchel dumped her. He’s kept his calm though he hasn’t been able to get a girl. He’s yet entertained us with his singing skills and morning fried eggs.

Ovie has showed off all his quirk on the fashion front with those floral printed shirts. And his love for the hats. Not won a girls heart but yeah Sir Ovie you’ve for sure won a million fans and you sure will feel that once you step out of fhe Villa in the real world.

Fans on Ovie Soko in Love Island

Fans want Ovie Soko to win the Love Island Show

Ovie Soko who is with the Page 3 model India Reynolds at present has not been involved in any drama at the villa as of now. Moreover, he won our hearts with his ‘Gentlemen’ demeanour when he pulled India out of the nasty spat between Anna and Jordan.

Ovie has also gained popularity as having the perfect meme face and giving excellent pieces of advice to the participants. And that’s what makes his fans go gaga over him. The fans however also love Amber and Greg, while Tommy and Mae have secured their place as the runner-ups.

The Twitter has been flooding with numerous fan messages on making Ovie the solo winner. However, the show’s format doesn’t allow that liberty. So it’ll be fun to see which couple will take the winner’s trophy home or will the fans shake the show’s rules.

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